Words of Wisdom

“The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the street, and to steal bread.” — Anatole France, French poet, journalist, and novelist, 1894.

Harry Freiberg


The Dominoes topple

The first dominoes have fallen.

The arrests of the Trump campaign chairman and deputy chairman for conspiracy against the United States, money laundering and acting as foreign agents followed the guilty plea of a Trump policy advisor for lying to the FBI about his Russian contacts.

There is good reason for the Bleached-Blond-in-Chief’s desperate effort to turn the attention to Hillary Clinton, and for his panicked plea to “Do something!”

Those dominoes toppled from two directions the universal lying by every Trump campaign official about the secret meetings with Russians as the election was being sabotaged, and the criminal aspects of the business interactions with Putin’s minions.

Robert Mueller commands dozens of FBI and DOJ investigators who specialize in financial crimes and the Russian mafia. (Trump’s point man on multiple deals was a two-time ex-con whose Russian mob connections ran so deep that the Feds made him an informant.)

It’s therefore no coincidence that when Mueller was hired, President Tweetstorm and all the Kiddies rushed to lawyer up with criminal defense attorneys, or that Trump and his lawyer immediately tweeted about his pardon powers and the statute of limitations. (Innocent people always bring those up, right?)

As Trump plays golf, Mueller plays hardball. He clearly has cooperating witnesses and a grand jury willing to indict. And he has opened the drain of the true swamp — the one contaminating the White House, courtesy of the confirmed swindler who paid huge settlements in the Trump University fraud.

It has begun.

Mike Gaynes


Sorry view of Politics

I feel sorry for Clay Dalrymple and his “Rush Limbaugh” view of today’s politics in the U.S.A.

Clay says he was a major league baseball player at an earlier time in his life. He didn’t say what position he played. My guess is was a pitcher — a right winger.

Art Moore


Russ was a ‘doer’

Russ Crabtree may have been fearless, perched in the open door of helicopters in Vietnam, but I saw a different kind of fearlessness, which he put to work closer to home.

I knew Russ as manager of Port of Brookings Harbor and administrator of the Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation. Not all of us “leave our mark” in the way that Russ has done on the South Coast, his legacy of improvements visible from Coos Bay to Bandon to Brookings to Smith River.

How many lives has Russ helped to save? We know his relentless work to assure that dredging was done so fishermen were safe when crossing the bar at Brookings Harbor, and then a project to slow traffic at a deadly intersection on Highway 101, six miles south of the border.

Providing for the health and safety of residents young and old with water and sewage treatment facilities, in places where they were inadequate or missing altogether. Or working for the best tribal Head Start, senior housing, and healthcare programs and facilities possible.

This. in addition to stimulating the economy, gaining federal and state funding for infrastructure, roadways, docks, pier, piling, fish receiving, supporting jobs at Brookings-Harbor and at the Tolowa Dee-ni’ nation.

Russ had ambitious visions of what could be, and doggedly pursued them until they became a reality. Making countless trips to Washington D.C., to negotiate support both on Capitol Hill and at Corps of Engineers, Department of Transportation, Department of Interior, and Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Those trips, during the worst of winter Washington DC weather, paid off, and the results are visible.

For many years, even generations to come, we will be reminded of Russ, when we pass by all those buildings, piers, roads, docks, walkways, housing —grateful for his vision, determination and his legacy.

Peter Friedmann

Of Counsel to Lindsay Hart, LLP; FBB Federal Relations

Washington, D.C.