Picking on a minority

I read Yvonne Maitland’s ridiculous letter in the Pilot concerning Commissioner Boice’s travel expense needs. The only full-time working County Commissioner in Curry County is a minority of one.

Commissioner Boice likely puts in three times more hours weekly than our two 20-hours-a-week part-time commissioners do. He stays on point and spends a great deal of time listening to department heads, county employees, agency personnel, emergency responders and citizens. He tries to keep commissioners informed and up-to-date on what is important around our county only to find they really don’t want to be informed at commissioners meetings.

I feel, and I could be wrong, that it is the same old story; Commissioner Huxley and Commissioner Gold do not want Commissioner Boice being seen to be outworking them, and removing the travel budget will curtail Commissioners Boice’s productivity. Most folk will accomplish three times more productivity working three times as hard, no matter the travel limitations — it just can’t work any other way.

The only way the travel ban works is to break a productive person’s spirit which could be the goal.

Maybe we should take the Maitland travel ban — travel expenses — and apply it to the county road crew and assessor; this makes no sense at all either. I don’t know about you, but I expect county employees and staff to put forth a fair day’s work for a fair day’s wage including travel expenses. Beware of Maitland rants; they are frequent and disturbing.

Steve Beyerlin

Gold Beach

Join our Radio crew

Thank you to all the people working to produce fine programs for KCIW Curry Coast Community Radio. We are on the air at 100.7 FM and produce local radio programming. But we need volunteers!

During the Chetco Bar Fire KCIW was prepared (to do) emergency broadcasting. We are the “Plan B” emergency broadcaster behind KURY.

Candace and Michael Penney, Jim Newman and my wife, Connie Hunter, are the core work group for multicultural programs like Cultural Connections.

If you would like to join our work group in support of these programs, have ideas for shows or want to be on a show (or create a show), we would love to talk to you. If you have skills as a bilingual speaker, let us know!

If being in front of a microphone is not your thing, maybe you have skills or would like to learn skills to work as a sound recording tech and sound engineer/editor.

As an instructor of sociology, racial and ethnic relations and Native American studies, I will work very hard to support the effort to make sure we have programming for everybody! We also have slots for advisory board members and people who would like to fundraise for our special programs.

That being said, please email me at skiphunter888@yahoo.com if you’d like to participate in growing something very special for everyone in the community.

Be included! Share your stories! We can make history together — or at least great radio!

Skip Hunter


Foul Odor in the air

We are on the brink of the largest political scandal ever in the history of our country. If you don’t listen to Rush or Sean, let me warn you first because the crooked fake news press will not tell you about what is going to a happen to the D.N.C., Bill and Hillary in general.

The entire Russian collision lie is about to make a U-turn and attack the opposite party and away from Donald Trump. It’s always a slow painstaking task to get the facts to surface, but when it does, it’s hard to say how bad the Democrats will get hurt but, from what is starting to surface, is shocking.

I have wondered for the last two years how the Clintons could take loads of money from the Russians and give them 20 pecent of our Obama-era uranium. That’s right, our country’s uranium that we mine to make hydrogen bombs.We gave it to the Russians for Bill to give his speeches at the rate of $500,000 per speech.

Donations were made to Hillary’s foundation estimated over 25 million which only 7 percent was used for charities. Guess where the rest went?

Donald Trump is starting to “Drain the Swamp” and many Republicans, like Sen. Jeff Flake, are dropping out of the next election because they have sided with Obama and Democrats on many issues (at least 20 by Limbaugh’s county) and their votes are gone in whatever state they are from, for him Arizona.

It’s going to be an interesting election next year after this mess as hit the fan. Personally, if Bill and Hillary get locked up in a jail cell, they deserve to share the same one. That would be their best form of punishment.

We now know Russia was helping Hillary get elected, not Trump. I love my country, but the Democratic politicians have a foul odor, each and every one of them.

Astros and Dodgers: Keep standing for the National Anthem.

Clay Dalrymple

Hunter Creek

Substandard Vet care

I would like to thank Congressman Peter DeFazio for his Oct. 12 address from the house floor concerning the “Totally dysfunctional management” at the VA in Roseburg.

I want to thank the dozens of Roseburg VA medical providers and employees who reached out to the congressman on behalf of the veterans.

In the congressman’s Oct. 20 email update “Fighting for Oregon’s Veterans,” he states these medical providers are putting their careers on the line to create positive change, and that the current management in Roseburg “has created a toxic culture” that is leading to substandard care for veterans and chasing away good medical providers.”

Roseburg VA Director Doug Paxton’s office has informed me that the next Roseburg VA healthcare system town hall meeting in Brookings will be at 5 p.m. Nov. 15, at the new VA clinic.

Veterans, and those who represent veterans, need to attend this meeting. This is your VA healthcare system. Whether you want to speak openly about problems or privately with someone on the director’s staff, show up. If you want to ask a question or just want to be better informed, you need to be there.

Positive comments are always in order but the focus should be on offering possible solutions.

One item I plan to address is the lack of communication with me from the director’s office.

See you there!

Michael E. Berns