obvious disconnect

Kevin Vanginderen’s recent letter here correctly noted the obvious disconnect between the actual efforts to address the Chetco Bar Fire and the final narrative that the Forest Service concocted for our general consumption.

He seems, however, to be somewhat reserved in his final analysis stating, “it is unnerving that these officials stated they would do nothing different in the future.”

Many of us have become more and more “unnerved” over the last 40 years at the Forest Services’ increasing lack of ability to put forest fires out in Curry County. I would say that “preposterous” is an apt description of the management style currently used by the Forest Service here, and I suppose even that expression might be considered somewhat reserved.

Because of this most recent incident, I have a suspicion that when the next Chetco Bar Fire starts, a few Brookings and Harbor residents and their equipment will simply go in and put the fire out. By the time Forest Service management wakes up, rubs the sleep out of their eyes and decides to have a meeting, there will be a group of locals, trudging back to their homes from the wilderness, dirty and tired and somewhat the worse for wear, yet pleased that they accomplished their mission.

They Put. The Fire. Out.

Cam Lynn


No more NFL for me

My congratulations to Mr. Bill Fares for his winning the pigskin pick’em contest.

Like Mr. Fares, I am also from San Diego and have wanted nothing more than a Superbowl win for the Chargers.

Then they went to L.A. That is where this letter takes a turn. My interest in the NFL has been dropping for several years with all the scandals. I’ve watched the news coverage about wife beatings, drug dealers, assaults, dog-fighting rings, gang rape, murder and on, and on, and on.

Now, those guys who get paid millions to play — I said “play” — football are getting away with scandalizing the flag of my home.

My father served this country from the end of World War II through Korea and Vietnam. My father-in-law was at North Africa, the Normandy landing and the Battle of the Bulge and this disrespect by the NFL, of our country is enough!

That organization, the NFL, won’t fire those players for actual serious crimes and they’re not doing anything about the disrespect the players display toward this country either.

You can write to the editor and complain about this letter. I don’t care because this 64-year-old Army veteran has watched his last NFL.

Jeff McMoran


A filthy town

I am a Brookings resident, for many years.

I’m a volunteer with the Trash Dogs. In my ventures outdoors, I see so much trash along our highways, welcome centers, Crissey Field. I could go on and on about how filthy this town is. Businesses have weeds taller than you and me in front of their stores.

I would hope that maybe, someday, the citizens of Brookings will voice their opinions to the city of Brookings, about beautification.

I’ve been told “there’s no hurry in Curry;” I’ve known this for many years.

Jerry Hartsell


Lost and Found

I wish to thank the lady who found my diamond ring in the parking lot of Fred Meyer and returned it to the store.

Honesty is alive and well in Brookings.

Thank you again.

Carroll Norris


BHEF helping history

I would like to wholeheartedly thank the Brookings-Harbor Education Foundation, Inc. (BHEF) for the wonderful $550 grant for my eighth-grade United States History classroom at Azalea Middle School.

I just received the great news the other day and was very excited about this. I plan to start a small historical library in my classroom. It is very important for students to be able to read and enjoy history any way possible. The small library that the BHEF has helped build will help our Social Studies department increase the historical knowledge of our students. The library is being built for middle, high school and college students.

Knowledge is too powerful an item to not share. Thank you so much again, Brookings-Harbor Education Foundation for making the history library possible.

Jason Fulton

Eighth-grade United States History teacher

Azalea Middle School