Politics in Sports

When I go to a sporting event, I leave my politics at the door.

I stand for our National Anthem, I do not kneel before, during or after the anthem.

For amateur events the situation is less complicated. I am a citizen of the greatest nation on the planet and I salute it by singing this song. When it comes to commercial sports, owners and players want the cream and they want it for free. A national football league franchise has been called a license to steal. Players are paid thousands of dollars a game, ticket prices are unattainable for the average family.

Do these individuals have the right to force their opinions on the rest of us?

Joe Willett


Fire inaccuracies

The recent headline article in the Pilot detailing the early Chetco Fire suppression efforts contained misleading statements and inaccuracies.

It was reported that, “Fire crews did everything possible in the early days of the Chetco Bar Fire to extinguish it” but the Forest Service’s own account indicates that there was only a minor 24-hour direct attack before they gave up and let it burn to 5,000 acres over the next month. The stated number of 2,000 firefighters on the ground before it became a conflagration was also grossly exaggerated.

The original Forest Service descriptions of the fire effort made no mention of any direct air suppression for the entire month preceding the conflagration declaration by Governor Brown on the 19th of August. The new explanation states that three small helicopters dropped about 35,000 gallons of water over a 24-hour period but that this stopped after it grew to only 10 acres. It was suggested in the article that a larger prop plane drop was also presumably utilized then but it appears that aircraft was merely requested and loaded but never actually used. The Forest Service has access to DC-10 jet tankers that can drop over 10,000 gallons at a time but these were never requested nor used.

The article also quoted a Forest Service representative as stating that “by Aug.10 … to protect Brookings. Almost 2,000 firefighters were on the ground.” The official numbers reported at that time indicate that only about 200 were actually present on that date. On Aug. 22, three days after the conflagration designation about 1,000 personnel were listed and the highest total was never more than 1,800 at the peak in September, many weeks after the fire was declared the number one priority fire in the nation. It is difficult to believe that “everything possible” was done in the early days of the fire and it is unnerving that these officials stated they would do nothing differently in the future.

Kevin Vanginderen


Does it matter to You

Three marijuana retail licenses have been applied for on Main Street in Gold Beach.

One is approved already, two are in the process and could be stopped. These businesses will have an impact on our town and our area in many ways. It will affect you, your loved ones as well as businesses, schools, tourists, real estate and more.

Check out the problems in other places such as Colorado. Crime including the black market is associated with these enterprises.

Come to the city council meeting Oct. 16, at 5:30 and let your voice be heard; even just your presence would help.

Marcia Bernard

Gold Beach