Here to smear

Brain damage is not only affecting football players. Some of the Pilot’s letter writers talking about politics have the problem without ever having played the game.

When we write our letters on how we feel, and the truth is not the most important ingredient, it becomes obvious to those who know the truth that the writer is ignorant. Your name will be at the end of your message, and I would think that making a statement opposite of what history knows is true would make you stop and reconsider your wording.

Sharyl Attkisson released a book called Smear. I have read four chapters of 10, and you will learn, as I have, how bad false information has changed our news organizations and affected Facebook. Sharyl has been employed by CBS, CNN and other stations proven not to be conservative, and even levels many people and organizations that are.

Even though I have played major league baseball for 12 years, football has always been high on my list for watching on TV. For the players who are not being respectful to a country that they make millions of dollars in, I say shame on you. I am not color-sensitive when it comes to skin. I judge a person by their personality.

We should all realize one point: There will always be someone who hates Italians, blacks, Jews, Catholics, Muslims, etc., but most of us will judge the personality.

Recently our country has changed dramatically. Unfortunately, it’s in the wrong direction.

I don’t worry about whether football will survive as much as I worry about can the swamp be drained?

If your claim is against R. Reagan and you say nothing about B. Obama, the readers will know you’re here to smear.

Clay Dalrymple

Hunter Creek

the Glass menagerie

The Chetco Players should be proud of their production “The Glass Menagerie.”

As a former drama student, I’m familiar with Tennessee Williams’ plays, which include “A Streetcar Named Desire” and “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.”

Tennessee Williams’ own life and childhood is clearly portrayed in this play, with the loving but suffocating mother played so beautifully by Victoria Weller. The supporting actors are excellent. Scene changes are smooth and efficient.

Don’t miss “The Glass Menagerie” at the Chetco Players Playhouse this weekend.

Angela Ewing


Good job deputies

I would like thank the Curry County Sheriff’s Department, specifically Deputy Tobias and Deputy Hughes, for an amazing response and follow through.

We had our detached shop burglarized at our Harbor home on Sept 6. I was off property when the suspect brazenly broke in and stole two quads within 200 feet of my young wife and son, who were also outside.

The deputies responded within minutes, conducted a thorough site investigation and had their suspect in custody within a couple of hours of the incident. Our property was safely recovered. I cannot express my appreciation for these deputies enough for their impressive skills and urgency to our matter.

These men are solid members of our local law enforcement and have my respect.

Dave Houston


TRump or NFL?

Place your bets!

I wonder who will win the Super Bowl this year? Trump or the NFL?

Obama was allowed to play basketball. So, if the NFL players and owners want to play a little ball with Trump, let the president play. At least it’s more entertaining.

I’m thinking Trump; the odds are better.

Richard Hebert