What a response!

When looking at the horrible disaster in Houston, Texas, it’s just amazing how well everything was coordinated.

When one considers: U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Coast Guard, State National Guard, Salvation Army, National Red Cross, Southern Baptists, 45 states delivering assistance, add in federal government, FEMA. etc.

It would be very easy to have total chaos! Our President Trump, before Harvey struck Texas, he gathered his whole cabinet together and instructed them to “give everything you have to help Texas, but also to stay out of the way and not confuse matters. FEMA was on its way before Harvey struck.

It’s just amazing how well every little detail was coordinated and worked. So what did the liberal hateful press report on? “Can you believe Melania wore Stiletto heels to a disaster area — she probably doesn’t even own a pair of tennis shoes.”

Really! The liberal hateful press could not find any fault with President Trump’s performance, so they have to go for frivolous, insignificant insults on his wife. How petty can the liberal press be?

Is it a wonder that the National Press Has a lower approval rating than Congress!

Andrew T. Ragan


Firefighters deserve kindness, not blame

I am so disappointed in the way that some people are showing their anger and frustration to the firefighters who are dedicating their lives to help our community.

I know people’s lives have changed. I know people have lost their entire homes and their children’s past history, pictures, knick knacks, things that they saved for memories. But the people who are here fighting our fires, they aren’t the one who started it.

It wasn’t their law or rule written in a book that said “Hey, let’s wait for the fire to get too big to handle before we do anything about it.”

I know these firefighters are the ones who are coming to help us. They are putting their lives and their families’ lives on hold to come down here.

And a lot of them, and I mean a lot of these firefighters, are paying their own way to get down here; they are paying for their own stuff and they are not getting paid. They are volunteering to come help us.

Please people, don’t let your frustrations come out and pour all over these firefighters. Instead douse the flames of anger with words of love and gratefulness.

Tina Kirkpatrick