AntI-semitic rant

I’m appalled that the Pilot would print the disgusting anti-Semitic rant of Dr. Johnson concerning the so-called Illuminati and the new world order (Pilot, Aug. 19). This utterly rejected claim was an integral part of Hitler’s Nazi Germany and the justification for the extermination of 6 million Jews during World War II.

These identical notations are a large part of the filth emanating from the American neo-Nazi and white-supremacist movements. The focus of the Nazi propaganda from Hitler’s minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, originated around the Jewish Rothschild’s banking industry and great wealth and their supposed efforts to dominate the world. Johnson uses the Rothschild name specifically to advance his hate speech. Conspiracy theories about the family have been around for over 150 years. Usually, the main accusation made by theorists is that Jews are playing both sides of every conflict including the Napoleonic Wars, the Franco-Prussian War, World War I, and World War II. In these theories, all sides of each war were merely puppets of the Rothschilds, who would make exorbitant amounts of cash from repeatedly prodding nations into a cycle of endless warfare. These conspiracies originated with Georges Dairnvaell, a propagandist in the mid-1800s who hoped to advance his own anti semitic agenda. However, they continue to this day.

The Rothschild conspiracy theory received a state endorsement by the Nazis. Erich Waschneck made the film “Die Rothschilds” (international title “The Rothschilds’ Shares in Waterloo”) which portrays the Rothschild family as profiting hugely from the Napoleonic wars. The film ends with a burning Star of David over a map of Europe. Alex Jones, Lyndon LaRouche, and many other conspiracy theorists view the Rothschilds as helping to create the framework for the New World Order, the Illuminati, or one world government theory.

Michael A. Sommer II, Ph.D, Smith River

Keep those receipts

In thanking fire fighters here from other communities, I learned that many of them have been spending their own personal money for camping equipment, clothing, food, etc.

I strongly urged them to save their cash register receipts for possible reimbursements as FEMA has classified the Chetco Bar Fire for federal assistance. Also it may be possible to claim these expenditures as tax deductions.

Joe Willett



Karen Hansen completely missed the point of my letter to the editor (Pilot Aug. 26) in her response titled “No City Slush Fund” (Pilot, Aug. 30).

The original article was about a request from the Chetco Brewing Co. requesting monetary help from the Urban Renewal Fund. The article clearly stated that the fund had zero dollars to allocate to the company ... thus making use of the fund a mute point.

What I suggested was the city allow a temporary exception to existing codes, regulations, rules, etc. (thinking outside of the box) regarding paved parking lots. In addition, for council members to not want to put up with pressure — “crap will hit the fan” — from the public should they have to penalize the business for not following a strict agreement is just part of their job.

Of course, this all could be a mute point if the Frederickses do not want to pursue alternative funding sources. We need business growth in this community — the city should do whatever is possible to allow that to happen.

Karen may have some valid points about the Urban Renewal Fund District and I would be interested in reading and possibly signing her petition.

Sherri Scott