Shoddy Governance

Two thirds of Curry County Board of Commissioners are expected to support a new local ordinance that is a “cover story” for citizen disenfranchisement, disempowerment, and creates a culture fostering a systematic disconnect.

At the helm of this effort is Commissioner Tom Huxley who seems bent on defining himself as an OCD controller instead of a leader who understands the words: “of, by and for the people.” Here are excerpts from Huxley’s attempt to limit — rather than encourage — citizen involvement:

“Persons who disrupt county business are subject to discipline, including but not limited to warning, censure, citation and fine, or ejectment, as appropriate is the direction of the chair or board.

The chair or the board may recess or adjourn the meeting in its discretion.”

Speaking at the Aug. 16 Board of Commissioners meeting, I openly stated:

“I look forward to being fined under this new ordinance,” which was my way of saying, “Really, Commissioner Huxley? Are you so unskilled as a chair as to not have a better way of working with citizens at public meetings? Is the only way to move forward is to slap people with a fine and worse? And, who decides what is disruptive? Why don’t we create an ordinance to slap commissioners with a censure when they get verbally abusive — as Huxley did when he said to Commissioner Court Boice to grow up during this same meeting?”

Many of us are tiring of Huxley’s lack of concern over the real issues and his preoccupation with minutiae and control.

How really self-destructive is the BOC — the exception is Commissioner Boice, who maintains civility, poise, and connections to staff and citizens — leadership skills head and shoulders above Commissioner Huxley.

Connie Hunter


Must Wipe out Isis

It’s now obvious that the mainstream media is the only leader that the Democratic Party has. Two magazines last week had articles about Donald Trump belonging to the KKK.

I’ve always respected Ron Wyden until now because he is saying that President Trump has not put down the KKK and other groups creating hatred. Mr. Wyden is now lying like Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and the press. The popularity of Congress is around 15 percent, and they say Trumps is at 37 percent so who do they think will beat him in the next election?

Isis must be disposed of by any means. Isis is murdering all families that doesn’t respect or believe in Sharia and that includes Muslims.

If Democrats don’t stop following our free press and attacking Donald Trump with lies they will collapse their party forever. We must wipe out Isis, but the Democrats will kill themselves. If not you can kiss the USA goodbye as we have always known it.

Charlottesville and Berkeley, both towns with Democratic governors and mayors, proves my point.

Liberals that keep writing about how great their party is look very sad in the eyes of their neighbor.

Clay Dalrymple

Hunter Creek

No city slush fund

Sherry Scott may reside in Brookings, but she obviously isn’t aware that the Urban Renewal Fund District comes out of taxpayer pockets, just like all our other city funds. (Letter to the editor, Pilot, Aug. 26).

I resent my taxes being appropriated for the use of private individuals. And that is just what is being proposed in support of the brewery move.

Every resident in the Urban Renewal Fund District should be equally outraged. Whether you own a home or rent, you are paying into this fund, which has been set aside for improvements to the downtown.

I resented the “facade improvement” boondoggle. Why should main-street property owners have been allowed to increase their property values at public expense?

And I vehemently oppose any other give-aways to specific businesses. These funds should be used for sidewalks, drainage, lighting, parking and other improvements that raise the profile of the downtown as a whole. In fact the city has pledged every penny of these funds for the foreseeable future against money it borrowed for past improvements, so there shouldn’t be anything available to give away.

The fact that the council and newspaper spent more than five minutes discussion and more than 36 column inches on this request for subsidy should concern every district taxpayer. It indicates to me that our councilors and local businesses still regard this as a slush fund to bail out business owners who haven’t done their homework. It’s time to end this whole issue by changing the law to ban any appropriation to a private party.

Ready to sign a petition anyone?

Karen Hansen


Taking advantage

I put my pen away some time ago. But I have to comment on the fire.

My neighbor served meals at the port, took care of people’s animals and put up people at her home.

While she was being an angel some SOBs were raising prices and otherwise taking advantage of people’s misery.

They absolutely should be exposed. We all should pray for those in harm’s way.

Clifton Siemens