A priceless service

Firefighters don’t get paid enough!

Jeff McMoran


Upside down world

Just have to love it when the Never Trumpers and the Chairman Mao brigade make their loud demands for Donald Trump to denounce David Duke and the Nazis.

Nobody ever asks the Democrat Party to denounce Robert Byrd, who was a grand dragon in the KKK.

Nobody ever demands to have Lindsay Graham denounce his mentor Strom Thurmond.

Thurmond was by far the most racist member of Congress during the 20th Century

Nobody ever tells Barack Obama he needs to distance himself from the violent hate group Black Lives Matter and the anti-Jewish Reverend Al Sharpton.

In our upside down world, Sharpton is a civil rights leader and the leader and the media does their best to label Trump a Nazi racist.

Trump’s daughter converted to Judaism and over half his family is Jewish.

If Trump is a Nazi, Hillary Clinton is the most honest person who ever lived.

Joe Thomas


What is Illuminati

May 1, 1776, Bavarian professor Adam Weishaupt established a secret society called the Illuminati, a polite word for the worship of Lucifer.

The goal was to create a secret society to establish a new world order, to destroy governments, private property, the church, the family, and to create a utopia ruled by an elite group. In 1786 the Illuminati was exposed to the Bavarian government when a messenger on a horse was struck by lightning. Secret papers exposed the intent of the Illuminati. It was banned in Bavaria, but largely ignored in many parts of the world.

At its founding the Illuminati recruited banker Mayer Amschel Rothschild who became its financial benefactor. The Rothschild family became the wealthiest family in the world. They financed John D. Rockefeller of Standard Oil, Andrew Carnegie of Carnegie Steel, and Cecil Rhodes of DeBeers Diamonds. These men all supported a one-world government.

Do people really sell their soul to the devil? One of the founders of rock and roll Don Johnson allegedly sold his soul to the devil and gained unparalleled skills on a guitar in six months. Jim Page became obsessed with Aleister Crowley and Satanism. Ozzy Osbourne, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, and Keith Richards all became rich and famous promoting sex, drugs and Satanism. I have a family member who has made millions of dollars promoting drugs, rock and roll, and Satanism.

While writing this paper, lightning caused a forest fire which threatened to burn up my personal library and stop my writing.

But I prayed and God gave me the assurance my house would be safe. Churches in Brookings prayed. The weather changed and fire stopped coming toward our house. The Bible declares in Revelation that Satanists will create a one world government. But Jesus will throw Satan and the Antichrist into the lake of fire.

Dr. Steve Johnston


Let them build

This is in regards to the article in the Aug. 23 Curry Coastal Pilot about the city’s inept reaction to a request from Chetco Brewing Co. to assist in additional parking.

It sounds like this council is so stoved-up over rules and regulations and that “crap will hit the fan” is incredulous. Where is the “outside of this self-made box thinking” when they can turn down economic development in this community.

A business which wants to expand in a city that is losing businesses right-and-left is unbelievable to me. What is wrong with giving a temporary exception to the Fredrick’s which would allow parking in the unpaved area for no more than three to five years while necessary funding can be found for the paving.

This is a unique location where a tightly-worded agreement could be made where a precedent would not be established.

Come on city council, let’s let the Worltons sell their property and the Frederick’s build their business to the benefit of all.

Sherri Scott


Address Vet woes

In the last month’s article I wrote for our local Vietnam Veterans of America newsletter, I wrote that regardless of political party, our senators and congressman are all culpable with regards to the current problems that exist at the VA.

I elaborated that veterans write their senators and congressmen with problems all of the time and suggested that they get together and compare notes about veterans’ requests for help and come up with some meaningful legislation to address systemic problems at the VA.

At the Roseburg VA Health Care Town Hall last week in Brookings, I addressed some of the current problems I’ve recently experienced with regards to my Roseburg VA doctor not performing required examinations and then falsifying my medical records stating that he did.

I wrote a letter to Roseburg VA Director Doug Paxton — 14 pages — and gave it to Acting Director Dana Brice at the town hall. In records I shared some stories of my healthcare journey pointing out problems and offering commonsense solutions.

In a letter to Congressman DeFazio I wrote:

“Dear Congressman DeFazio, both you and Director Paxton may be able to assist veterans with VA issues on an individual basis; how about taking a look at the systemic problems veterans repeatedly encounter at the VA and proposing some meaningful legislation to address the root causes of these common problems?

By the way, I’m still waiting for a return phone call from your aide Whitney Corture. I left a message for her on July 6.”

Mike Berns


Signs on the bridge

It’s interesting how things work.

The story, Coos County gets call boxes to prevent bridge suicides (Pilot Aug. 19) — we at TheCitizensWhoCare.org, have been working with ODOT since July 24, to install two signs at each end of the tallest bridge in Oregon, the Thomas Creek Bridge.

We investigated having a 9-foot solar tower on each side that could accommodate five phone numbers and even a dome camera, siren, strobe, etc. We actually got a little ahead of ourselves and produced four signs that won’t work since the ODOT engineers are planning to use the same wording for all such projects in Oregon.

So, while getting Wi-Fi access, and funding would take some time, we shifted our focus on the signs at this time which is currently in review.

We wanted to put together a solid plan before working on community and government support, but anyone interested in joining us in this initial stage is more than welcome to do so.

Gordon Clay


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