For entire county

The South Curry County Healthcare Alliance hosted a very well attended, very much appreciated workshop on Aug. 17.

The panelists emphasized the need for an emergency center to open in Brookings as soon as possible. What wasn’t emphasized is “how to pay for this emergency center,” other than simply burdening the lesser populated neighbors to the north with the entire cost.

Sue Gold, one of the panelists, is a county commissioner. Her own words, both in the meeting and in print, indicate clearly that her care and concern do not extend throughout the county, as a whole, even though she claims “to want to work together.”

Last year, she was quoted as saying, “Congratulations, Southern Curry County! We successfully blocked a horrible healthcare annexation proposal that would have cost us millions and done nothing to change the level of the health care we receive in our area. Score one for the ‘little guys.’”


This doesn’t sound like “working together,” and it doesn’t sound like someone who is being paid to represent the entire county.

We should expect that in the future, all of our commissioners would act less like self-interest lobbyists, and start focusing on “the betterment of the entire county,” from which they’re paid to serve.

Clayton Johnson

Gold Beach

Sudden Oak Death

Regarding Curry County and Sudden Oak Death:

I want to share a brief update on some media opportunities I’ve had over the past few months, including interviews with National Public Radio, Jefferson Public Radio and the New York Times. I’ve been trying to do everything I can shed the best possible light on our county, with a realistic point of view.

I had the opportunity and honor to substitute at the last minute for Sen. Jeff Merkley on Jefferson Public Radio. While being interviewed, along with local State Rep. David Brock Smith, we spent 30 minutes discussing the Sudden Oak Death issue. Merkley and Brock Smith have put forth a tremendous bipartisan effort and have worked very well in organizing the defensive strategies, finding funding and promoting the critical understanding of what is at stake for our county and beyond.

Sudden Oak Death (SOD) is truly a “wild card” and many people still don’t have a clear understanding of the damage this disease can do and, in fact, has already done. In Oregon, the primary concern is currently Curry County. However, the quarantine area now extends to cover approximately one third of our country and can attach more than 100 different southwest Oregon plant and tree species.

Since 2001, $18 million has been been spent on this dreadful pathogen. Currently, as the crow flies, it is only about 9 miles from the Rogue River. Should it continue to spread north, ultimately increasing the quarantine area, the consequences could be devastating for our economy and for our neighboring counties. Every effort is being made to keep it contained within Curry County.

I am asking every citizen to learn as much as possible about this problem. If you need information, please contact my office, 541-247-3229.

Court Boice


Festival of Art

Thanks to the members of the Brookings-Harbor community for a successful fifth year for the Festival of Art in Stout Park.

Thanks to: Soroptimist International of Brookings for the Kid’s Art Zone, members of the Lion’s Club who helped with set-up, Scott Graves for the sound system, Tony Baron and the city crews from Parks and Recreation for all their work on the park and help with equipment, Tony Parrish and crew who ran the Stout Mountain Railroad and to Shirley Hyatt and the musicians who entertained us; Rapp Brush, Richard Gyuro, John Marshall, Hither, Thither, & Yon, Toni Land, and Patty Anne Da Cunha.

Special thanks to the 66 vendors who joined us and more than 70 volunteers from the art community and the general community who volunteered their time and talents to make the festival a success. Thanks also to the many art patrons who bought art during the weekend. Many of the artists reported their best sale day ever. We heard many comments about the friendly helpers and art patrons.

We hope to see you Aug. 4-5, 2018, at the Festival of Art in Stout Park.

Violet Burton and Cilde Grover

Pelican Bay Arts Association