Offence vs. murder

With reference to the earlier letter “Where To Start” (April 7), I quote the author’s text: “Guns are banned in Britain. As of September 2017 there were 37,443 murders by knife, 6,694 by gun.” This is an open-ended statistic with no beginning. In contrast, The Guardian newspaper in Britain reports that in 2017 there were 723 homicides of any kind in the country, altogether. Using 2017 as an annual average, that means the two figures above would cover somewhere in the region of 60 years.

On their website, Rupert Murdoch’s UK publication The Sun, a daily paper on the level our own National Enquirer, reports that (and I quote again): “Police records show 37,443 recorded knife offences and 6,694 recorded gun offences across the UK in the year up to September 2017.”

There are many honorable ways in which to support a standpoint and then there are the others. You will notice that Sun’s numbers and description match those in the previous letter, but for one modification: the Gold Beach writer of the previous letter reproduced The Sun’s unquantified numbers and adjusted the word “offences” to read “murders.”

Lon Goddard