Earthquake. Tsunami. Flood. Power outage.Vehicle breakdown. Getting lost in the woods. These are just a few of the unexpected situations that can happen any time of the year to residents living along Oregon’s rural south coast.

Chances are, we’re not all going to be home when disaster strikes. What can you do?

Have enough clothing, food and basic survival gear for several days in a small backpack stored in the truck of your car and near the front door of your residence.

Emergency experts recommend creating a “Disaster Go Bag” that contains all of the essentials for survival for each person in your family. It’s no bigger than the back packs that elementary school kids lug to and from home every day. And the food, clothing, first aid and other items it contains need not be expensive.

Another essential item is a family plan: Where should family members meet in case of a disaster. Do you have a place to gather? Do you have a back-up place?

If the answer is “no,” then pick a location now.

The Pilot encourages every resident to be ready. In case of an emergency, one of the best things a person can do is to take care oneself, and not become a burden to others.