Natural disasters, such as the Chetco Bar Fire near Brookings and Hurricane Harvey in Texas, bring out the best in people.

It’s only natural for folks to donate money, food and other supplies to those in need.

That’s why we urge would-be donors to be wise when being generous. Make sure your donation goes to a vetted, trustworthy organization, and make sure there is a demand for it.

For example, the more than 1,600 fire personnel battling the fire are well-paid and well-taken care of — their food, shelter, laundry, showers and more are covered by their respective agencies (and our tax dollars). However, they do appreciate the “thank you” signs and a plate of cookies, though.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen numerous online campaigns (mostly on Facebook) pop up to raise money, food, clothes and other supplies for displaced residents. We don’t doubt the good intentions, but we wonder how, exactly, any donations will be distributed.

So far, the Pilot has vetted the following organizations and are confident each one will make the best use of donations for our community:

•The Brookings Harbor Community Helpers Emergency Food Bank, 539A Hemlock St., Brookings; 541-469 6988,

•The American Red Cross shelter, Event Center on the Beach, Gold Beach, 888-680-1455. Donations: or 1-800-RED CROSS.

•Wild Rivers Community Foundation, 707-465-1238;

Please direct your generousity to any of these three organizations, and rest assured your donation is in good hands.