Famous Leif Ericson

Regarding the Pilot’s Feb 8 story “Viking Saga opens Friday”:

I would like to point out that Leif Ericson is an American hero with his own day of recognition — October 9 — because of his explorations of the North American continent that predate Columbus by almost 500 years.

The sagas that detail his adventures are backed up by real archaeological evidence on the east coast of Canada. He was not infamous, but rather known for his strength of character.

I invite everyone to come out and watch this theatrical production, which is a combination of information gleaned and inferred from the two Icelandic sagas that tell of his voyages. The Chetco Pelican Players have done an outstanding job with this show.

Valerie Cowan


Black mold

There are a number of businesses on Chetco Avenue being affected by black mold.

I’ve heard complaints about this from so many people that I wonder how many people are getting sick as a result.

If your business or office building is being affected and your landlord is doing nothing, please let people at the county know. They used to provide inspections but no longer do. It is my understanding that the City of Brookings doesn’t provide inspections nor does the state of Oregon.

Given the toxic nature of black mold, why isn’t there more being done?

Connie Hunter


A pathetic ploy

The Bulletin (Bend) editorial in Saturday’s Pilot was interesting. “Anarchist” was utilized to describe Senator Jeff Merkley.

I assume that Jason Conger, of Bend, is going to run against Jeff in the next election. Jason, right to the right, instead of tweeting, has utilized the editorial method to spread fear about a senator whose core beliefs and actions are based on protecting working families from those who place personal greed above the needs of others.

Challenging political actions by peaceful methods is not anarchism, Jason. Unfounded fear-mongering is a pathetic ploy.

Judith McFarlane, Brookings

Appoint Hanscam

It is my understanding that Terry Hanscam has applied for reappointment to the county budget committee.

I would like to recommend the Curry County commissioners reappoint him without delay. How lucky we are to have him available for this important position!

It was my pleasure in the last couple of years to serve with him on the County Home Rule Committee. His experience as a former Curry County commissioner had involved him in many different interactions throughout county and the state.

With his vast knowledge, he was able to help us understand the ins and outs of being a home rule county. His expertise and personal interest in our county makes him an amazing asset.

Aside from his county commission experience, he has also served on many committees and groups to help Curry County and the state through these difficult years of declining revenue. He knows how the county and state work. He knows people from all walks of life who live here. People from Langlois to the state line respect him.

It should not take you long to see that Terry Hanscam is definitely qualified and ready to be reappointed to the budget committee. There could be no finer member.

Norma H. Fitzgerald


Expressing gratitude

I recently had the pleasure of volunteering at my great-grandson’s kindergarten class.

I was very pleased with the compassion and attention shown to each and every child by their teacher, Mrs. Brueckner, affectionately known as “Mrs. “B.”

I am grateful that my great-grandson has the opportunity to learn under such a gifted teacher.

Gramma Pam


Fulfilling promise

My wife and I were having lunch in Gold Beach when we overheard two women discussing President Trump’s achievements so far.

It was music to our ears considering all the hogwash and lies we’ve heard from the sore losers lately. It seems President Trump has found the long-lost magic wand that Obama said would be needed to save jobs from leaving our country.

President Trump is doing just what he promised and was elected to do. The left’s reaction has been less honorable and downright vicious as they riot and threaten the electoral voters with death or harm. Their childlike behavior will only hurt them in the long run. Our country will become strong and prosperous again and the opposition will eat their words.

We heard the Falcons would have won if the darn Russians hadn’t hacked the second half of the game. Pelosi and Reid will be furious.

Lou Costa


Support for Merkley

Respectfully, we dis agree with the (Pilot’s Feb. 4) editorial lambasting Sen. Jeff Merkley for encouraging citizens to protest against President Trump’s appointees and his heavy-handed spew of misanthropic executive orders.

Sen. Merkley is a courageous voice of good sense in a Congress that has lost its moral, intellectual, and social compasses as it kowtows to the new president and his mean-spirited handlers.

Yes, Sen. Merkley is clearly frustrated. This is understandable because he is no longer dealing with legitimate, across-the-aisle differences in legislative agendas. Instead he is swimming against a tide of fearful Republicans who, like abalones, sit spineless and silent. And, unfortunately, too many Democrats are drifting aimlessly and flailing like jellyfish.

We applaud Sen. Merkley’s attempts to call out Trump’s autocracy, nepotism, and the dangers of his personal attacks on allies and so-called enemies. Jeff Merkley reminds us that the social, political, and environmental values embraced by the founding fathers must be reinstated if we are to have a functional bipartisan Congress.

Contrary to your editorial, Oregonians are fortunate to be represented by this progressive Senator — a man with guts, passion, heart and patriotism.

Paul W. Sherman and Janet S. Sherman

Gold Beach

Proud of Merkley

Your Feb. 4 editorial regarding Sen. Jeff Merkley was completely off the mark. Calling him an anarchist is ridiculous and insulting.

I am 100 percent behind Sen. Merkley’s recent actions, and I am very proud to have him as our senator, as I am sure are the majority of Oregonians who voted for him also.

Are you by any chance owned by Breitbart News?

It is your editorial that “has gone off the rails”!

Theresa Herninko


Vote Merkley out

I deeply thank you for publishing the editorial entitled “Merkley, Oregon’s anarchist senator” (Pilot, Feb. 4)!

It came at a time, coincidentally, when I was concocting a letter of complaint and objection to Merkley and indicating as an involuntary constituent he does not at all represent me in his deeds and actions.

Anarchy is a fearsome, terrible thing that is occurring in pockets around our country. (Recently — Berkeley for example). It is not far from civil war! Our options are:


•Write letters of objection to Merkley;

•Vote him out on his next election (if we can wait that long).

J.M. McGahey


Merkley is right on

Editorial in The Pilot (Feb. 4) accuses Sen. Merkley of “going off the rails.”

What has he done, pass notes in class? He is communicating with Americans.

Despicable, Republican members of Congress first order of business was to abolish ethics rules.

Merkley is accused of encouraging citizens to protest. Will it soon be illegal?

Editorial condemns push-back against eight years of Republican obstruction. Republicans refused to speak to a qualified SCOTUS nominee.

Republicans’ new coordinated attack derides Democrats for not finding common ground with Republican members of the ‘do nothing Congress,’ who show no inclination to participate for the common good, is advanced by corporate owners of small town newspapers.

Is it outrageous that Merkley sides with citizens against a SCOTUS nominee who has ruled in favor of corporations over personal liberties of real people?

He’s “bashing” Trump, writes the anonymous accuser. Is it not our right as Americans, our obligation as citizens, to speak out against President and Republican Party’s pathological pursuit of profit? If a corporation is a person, then it is a psychopath.

Deceitful Donald’s unconscionable un-American disparaging of our military and intelligence professionals, while staging “reality shows” to inflate his fragile ego, along with love and praise for thieving dictator Putin, is grotesque.

Editorial refuses to identify who Merkley should be representing. Corporations undermine our institutions, incite anarchy and push Americans to fear each other while they steal our Commons.

Stress people enough, instill fear, and we’ll gratefully accept crumbs in exchange for our dignity and human rights.

Michael Fox


Trump won: move on

I recently shared a post on Facebook showing how President Reagan stopped protesters.

He was speaking from a podium when a very irritating voice started yelling at him and wouldn’t stop, so the president finally looked at him and told him to “shut up.” Well, that got some uber liberals up in arms stating the protester was simply exercising his First Amendment right.

I thought about that for a while and decided to crawl out of my deplorable basket with an answer. I agree the protester has his rights but I felt that the President was also exercising his First Amendment right at that moment as well.

We all are entitled to the First Amendment right, but only in its proper intent. I believe it’s grossly disrespectful to shout at the any president while he’s speaking.

What has happened to common sense, manners and etiquette in our society? I’ve never felt the urge to protest, march in parades sporting women’s genitalia on my head, loot, burn personal property or throw rocks at the police when Obama was elected either time! When those elections happened I put on my big girls’ pants, moved forward and went about my life. No need for crayons, play dough, crying rooms or grief counselors.

I went to work and life went on.

Trump won — get over it! Just sayin’......

Linda Creps


Support for Huxley

I am exasperated with (staff writer) Jane Stebbins for under-reporting, pushing her own narrative and missing out on facts and figures (Pilot, Jan. 28) article “County continues to reduce expenses.”

This occurs whenever county issues involve Commissioner Chair Tom Huxley. Stebbins’ opinions are misleading and her interpretation of facts too often wrong.

At least eight statements presented as facts were incorrectly reported. There was no acknowledgement of doom and gloom in the State of the County address. To the contrary Huxley wrote “I would like to present a somewhat different perspective.” It is one of outsourcing and cost saving achievements.

Commissioners Huxley and Sue Gold ran on a platform of fiscal accountability with no other aspirations than to serve Curry County. We are fortunate to have such dedicated, educated commissioners on the taxpayer’s side.

Elected officials, who grandstand, argue and dissent at every opportunity need to accept the fact that they were not elected to govern Curry County. They are not the governing body. Their job is to run cost-efficient departments, providing specific services to the public. Sometimes sitting for hours at a time during commission meetings to protest policies and actions taken by commissioners suggests that officials have too much time on their hands.

Perhaps cost-saving measures are in order, including outsourcing, consolidation of departments and reducing full-time positions to part-time.

Fiscal responsibility is a concern to both citizens and commissioners. Ultimately, elected officials need to face reality and live within their budgets and available revenues, just like their constituents.

Yvonne Maitland