This year’s Nature’s Coastal Holiday light display at Azalea Park is amazing!

Not only does it have the usual 500,000-plus lights, organizers have added a number of new displays as well.

The display is a shiny, happy symbol of community pride and partnership. We salute the many volunteers who spent hours preparing for the event — from refurbishing the lighted sculptures to stringing lights — and those who will spend the next few weeks taking tickets, serving hot chocolate and, sadly, taking it all down when it’s over.

We encourage everyone to visit the park at least once this season — and bring your friends and family!

Sure, the price has increased from $1 to a whopping $2, but it’s a nominal increase and you’re paying more for more, not less. Nearly all the money is reinvested into making the next year’s event even better!

But more valuable than money — and brighter than all the lights put together — are the smiles that light up the faces of children and adults.

The spirit of the holidays is alive and well in Brookings, and we are extremely thankful to all who make it so.