The Curry Coastal Pilot has pontificated in this editorial space many times about the importance for governmental transparency.

We’ve encouraged public entities such as school boards, city councils and county commissions to follow Oregon’s public meeting laws and, for the most part, they have.

We’d like to publicly tip our hats in appreciation to the city of Brookings for making the extra effort to educate the newest members of its city council and various committees about the public meeting laws.

This is especially important nowadays, considering the prevalent use of email and social media.

In the last few weeks, City Manager Gary Milliman and City Attorney Martha Rice made Power Point presentations to the council and committees, focusing on the basics of public meeting laws and some important nuances such as discussing, polling and other forms of communication using the phone, email and social media — all of which constitute a public meeting.

The goal of the presentations, according to Milliman, is to ensure that those elected or appointed to do the public’s business are doing so according to the letter and the spirt of public meeting laws.

It’s nice to know that the Pilot, as the appointed watchdog of local government, is not alone in this endeavor.