Thanks For A Safe Grad Night

The Class of 2019 Safe and Sober Grad Party Committee would like to thank the generous people of our community who helped us to put on a fabulous, safe celebration on graduation night.

This year, the Class of 2019 earned money for their party by selling oranges and grapefruits, having car washes, holding a spaghetti feed, putting on a quarter craze, running snack bars at sporting events, flocking houses with plastic flamingos, and debuting a dodgeball tournament. For each of these fundraisers, members of our community dug deep in their pockets, and without their help, this party could not have happened.

Once again, Wild River Pizza shut down their restaurant to host the party and to feed the kids, and Dutch Bros served delicious drinks to anyone who wanted them. Their generosity never ceases. Every year, we also have so many others who donate money directly or through our fundraisers and we thank them. This year we would like to thank the following individuals and businesses who gave (at the risk of missing someone, we sincerely apologize in advance):

Wild River, Dutch Bros, Roxanne at Del Norte Party Girls, Curry Community Health, Fred Meyer, Les Schwab, Redwood Theater, Accurate Taxi, Zola’s, Blue Moose, Superfly, Pacific Sushi, Catalyst, Vista Pub, Fat Irish, Black Trumpet Bistro, La Flor de Mexico, Tropicalie Brazillian Cuisine, Gold Beach Lumber, Tangles, Les Schwab – Brookings and Crescent City, Century 21/Skip and Becky Watwood, Brookings Electric, Ernie and Karrie Hinze, Strahm’s Sealcoat, Daryn Farmer State Farm, Brandon Hodges/Edward Jones, ReMax/Bret and Marie Curtis, Curry Transfer and Recycling, Marlene’s Studio, Panchos, Bell and Whistle, Creative Juice Crafts, Bauer Autobody, Sears, Diana Morton, Judy Benz, Ocean Suites, Jan and Jerry Norman, Yurok Tribe, South Coast Lumber, Suiter’s, Sutter Coast Health, Tangles, Teresa Vanginderan, John Morris, Teal Mace, David Allen, KURY Radio, Kevin Bane, Melissa Stepro Mary Kay, and all of the people who participated in flocking, and so many more.

Again, without the community, this event would not have been such a success. Thank you.

The Class of 2019 Safe and Sober Committee


Plastics in our fish

When you think about the fish we eat, their bellies filled with plastic trash. Let’s see, outside of omega fats that are good for us, what about the petroleum these fish are ingesting in that nutritious plastic bag. Look up “4 Oceans” online and see what is happening. The U.S. is not the biggest contributor to this but we are a part and must accept our share of the responsibility to fix it.

Remember the days when your sandwich was wrapped in wax paper? Then placed in a paper bag? Remember the day when all the take out came in paper cartons? Why do we need styrofoam to carry home those restaurant leftovers (that end up in the fridge, uneaten, and forgotten...and thrown out as UFO’s, unidentified food objects)?

Learn about the products you use daily that are petroleum based. Very little in your personal life isn’t.

Think about the things you don’t regularly throw out. Dinnerware, ceramic plates, glasses, cast or otherwise, cookware. My pantry is full of glass jars. Filled with rice, corn meal, beans, noodles, choc chips, walnuts, etc. First, it put a real halt on mice.

It keeps foods fresher longer. I can see at a glance what I need. Looks more organized. All from glass jars that would have ended up in the trash.

I remember when I could buy meat and not throw out a styrofoam bottom and that nasty ‘soak up’ thing. Why are these necessary anyway?

If we all do just a little bit of work to clean things up just for yourself, you will help clean things up for everyone.

Sharon Henry

Gold Beach

Call it independence day

Maybe we should all go back to calling it Independence Day and instead of celebrating the Fourth of July as the birthday of our country, to take some time to read the Declaration of Independence and remember that is was no picnic for our founding fathers. What they did could have been considered an act of treason. The oppression they endured forced them to rebel.

After the war was over, they crafted the Constitution to protect our liberty but they also included a path to amend the Constitution for when our Congress is deadlocked and our government is becoming oppressive. The power shifts to the people and to the states in the form of an Article V amendment convention, to address the crisis in debate, just as our founding fathers debated the Declaration of Independence.

Over the years, there have been many attempts to amend the Constitution through a convention of states but never successfully. Constitutional scholars and judges believe the time has come.

We have turned our power over to the government, and now it is time to take it back. The power is derived from the people and true power comes from assuming responsibility.

Let the debate begin. First topic, is change necessary? What is the rationale for change?

Karen Holmes