Thanking CCH

I would like to recognize and thank Curry Community Health, and Gold Beach CCH specifically for their amazing group of providers, especially Moriah Schrign, Keqing Sun, Tammi Neil and Marci Brose.

They interact so well together and provide a seamless transition of care, depending on the needs of the client.

We are fortunate as well to have the receptionists, Shelby Kelly and Susan Echavarria. They are so cheerful and helpful and they help to make clients feel comfortable.

All of these people (and more) make up Curry Community Health. I feel blessed to live in a community where mental health is a priority, and such highly qualified people are employed. Another reason I love Curry County.

Rebecca Baker

Gold Beach

County Business License Registration Fee

Curry County Commissioners, please refer back to 2015/2016 when it was determined that there was no benefit to the businesses of Curry County to be registered and pay a business license fee and it was not cost effective and/or lacked enough benefit to Curry County to pursue a license and registration fee for businesses in Curry County.

We’ve been through this before. The cost of implementation outweighs the benefits. Take a look at the national economy that has flourished with reductions in regulation and red tape. The national economy has seen enormous gains by reducing government intrusion.

The only thing that would be accomplished by adding another license fee to businesses that already pay numerous federal, state and city licensing fees is higher costs to consumers and higher rents for tenants as business owners have to pass these fees on the end consumer as well as more county paid employee time with a county that continuously flirts with financial disaster.

Curry County Commissioners, please keep your hands in your own pockets and keep them out of mine. If you need something to do, maybe registration and licenses for Curry County department heads and Curry County employees would be a good start as it could create a good networking arrangement and contact point for citizens and businesses in the county. It makes more sense than imposing yet another registration fee for the businesses that create the tax base that pay your salaries.

David Griffith


Thank you Curry General

I want to publicly thank the entire staff at Curry General Hospital for the care, compassion and support for my recovery from recent orthopedic surgery. This includes the girls who greet you, the lab techs, the X-ray techs and the physical therapy staff.

The nurses who cared for me night and day are among the best. To Candace and Mary, Shannon and Teri, Dave and Andy, Elizabeth and Marci, Rebecca and Rachel, Karen and Pattee and Mendi: I’m indeed grateful for your caring touch, your smiles, your empathy.

And a special thank you to the student nurse Laura, who has now graduated and will be an asset to her profession.

The housekeeping staff was awesome. Always pleasant, making sure I was comfortable. Not wanting to disturb but getting their job done.

And finally to Dr. Britt, the biggest thank you ever, for being there when I most needed you. Not just for doing an unbelievable job of orthopedic surgery at its best but offering compassion and genuine caring to me and my brother and daughter thru out my hospital stay and continued recovery.

To the Curry County community, please know you have a wonderful, all inclusive hospital right here in Gold Beach. Why would you seek care elsewhere.

Carol Betush

Gold Beach

Plastic bag ban

At the post office Thursday, while the wind was blowing a gale, I glanced at the clear blue sky and saw a kite high up blowing toward the ocean. Looked again and realized it was the pale tan of a Fred Meyer shopping bag, caught wide open by the wind. This disappointing image will stick with me for a long time.

I am one of those folks saddened by the need for a ban on plastic bags. They are often so useful. They keep our newspapers dry. They wrap up wet, sandy beach towels. They prevent fast food leaks on car mats and protect hands when picking up unpleasant things.

You probably know of many other uses. But this sight reminded me how destructive they have become to our rivers and oceans, and to the marine life struggling to flourish.

We are a fishing community — a beach community — a tourist destination. Even more than many other Oregon communities, we need to protect the environment around us and those resources we reap from it.

I have always happily reused and recycled. Now I learn that plastic shopping bags are not easily recycled. Even though stores have bins for them, they often end up in landfill. So I will now accept some inconvenience. Our oceans, and the fish I like to eat, deserve a break from the deluge of plastic bits that trap or poison marine life.

Karen Hansen