SB 5525 will remove medical funding

State Legislature, what are you thinking? SB 5525 proposes $15.4 million reductions in community mental health funding. This is funding that goes towards programs to help keep people out of the state hospital, which is at maximum capacity. 2019 state rankings for mental health funding? Oregon is ranked at 49 out of 51, an improvement from 2015 when Oregon ranked 51 out of 51.

The National Council for Behavioral Health urges lawmakers to support funding of the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA). Opioid addiction destroys lives, disrupts families and destabilizes communities. In 2016, Congress passed the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (S. 524), a landmark law that authorizes $181 million for support in six key areas: prevention, treatment, recovery, law enforcement, criminal justice reform and overdose reversal. In 2018, Congress fully funded CARA’s broad and multifaceted strategy. In 2019, other increases are expected.

Dear Legislature, if the federal government is providing more mental health funding, don’t make any reductions in state funding for community mental health.

VA Roseburg has initiated a hiring freeze even while our local VA clinic is understaffed. That means veterans will likely go to local providers like Curry County’s Curry Community Health (community-based mental health provider). Cuts in community mental health mean CCH would suffer at a time when they are likely to get veterans via the overflow.

Connie Hunter


Thank you to Stimson

I would like to say a big thank you to my friend Linda Stimson for all her hard work managing our year-round farmers and artisan market.

Linda does a wonderful job organizing all of us vendors and prioritizing our wants and needs, and you know us vendors have many wants and many needs. She treats us as if we are family. She does not treat us as if we are money in her pocket or a way to advertise for her business. She is concerned about our business as much as she is concerned about her own and she treats us so well that I believe it is the best market for a vendor to attend.

Thank you Linda for making us all feel at home like we are with family. I personally, really appreciate you and I’m excited for our summer market and upcoming upgrades and changes.

Tina Kirkpatrick


Do not confuse the boards

Curry County has three county commissioners elected by the voters. These county commissioners are referred to as the “Board” or the “Board of Commissioners.” I find this to be confusing as it suggests that there is another arm of county government.

This board is not to be confused with a Board of Supervisors that oversees the operation of county government. When you see the term the Board or the Board of Commissioners it is referring to the three Curry County commissioners.

That’s all there is there ain’t no more.

Joe Willett


Commissioners bridging the gaps

I want to thank the Curry County commissioners and their administration for doing an excellent job in bridging gaps and removing barriers to help us build a strong economy for our local families and their future selves.

Antoinette Backdahl

Gold Beach