Memorial Day participants

The Charles Lingard Memorial VFW Post members and I would like to thank the following participants of our Memorial Day weekend and service at the port:

The U.S. Coast Guard Honor Guard, the Marine Corp League, the Cape Sebastian Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Curry County Commissioner Court Boice, the Garden Club for flowers, Coastal Copiers for programs, the Painted Rock Artists for the Veteran Art Rocks, Cub Scout Pack 124 for their participation with cemetery veteran flags and Jim’s Lawn Service at the VFW Post grounds.

Rick Bremer


Outrageous op-ed

In the Saturday Pilot’s Other Views, the op-ed was insulting and outrageous to me. Was the “Trump and His Terrifying Tariffs” by Bob Franken article the view of the Pilot?

In the first paragraph, and I quote “Putin-given right as president...” is a classic example of Trump Derangement System (TDS). Why do we need an op-ed from a person in D.C. in a Brookings paper?

Congress bloviates over a lot of U.S. problems but does nothing. Our president had tried to work with the Democrats and has gotten nowhere. The Democrats are keeping the status quo so as a hope this will help them win in 2020. They hate President Trump more than they love America.

In regards to the tariffs towards Mexico: in the last four days Mexico has agreed to send 6,000 of their federal troops to their southern border to stop the immigrants coming into Mexico. Also, Mexico has agreed to keep all immigrants (from Central and South America) who are seeking political asylum from America in Mexico until their trial comes up. (Mexico) Further agreed to offer these immigrants asylum and jobs in Mexico — actual jobs and not just lip service of the past.

I for one want the left to keep up this do-nothing agenda and keep the TDS going on until 2020. If that should happen, our great president will win his second term by a landslide.

P.S. — A few weeks ago, the border patrol detained 200 people crossing into our country. They were not from the Americas; they were from the country of Bangladesh?

Andrew T. Ragan


Professional Players

Once again the Chetco Pelican Players have provided a very professional performance of “Oliver!,” which has come alive from Dickens’ classic “Oliver Twist.”

This classic was directed by Susan Brickley and Mike Moran, who have so ably directed many past performances of the Pelican Players.

There were so many young performers involved in this production that it is difficult to applaud each and every member of the cast. Needless to say, every performer involved in this production of “Oliver!” did an outstanding job from the Music Director Summer Olmos, the Stage Manager Ralph Dickey and, as always, the realistic and creative stage sets created by Ralph Dickey, Mike MOran and Susan Brickley. B.J. Fern’s expert skills, assisted by Lon Goddard, were evident in the fine job of costuming the cast.

The entire cast did outstanding acting performances. Obe wonders that so much dialogue can be memorized without a “glitch.” The number of performers in the cast is too long to recognize each player but suffice to say if you are fortunate to attend “Oliver!” you will surely recognize your neighbors in the community of beautiful Brookings.

Last but not least, Ariel Ferris performed several professional vocalizations and is developing into a fine performer.

To start off the evening, which was opening night, Claire Willard presented a table of gourmet delicacies enjoyed by those attending “Oliver!”

Do attend “Oliver!” and support your local Chetco Pelican Players, your hometown community theater.

Barbara Wieneke


Re: Bob Franken “Trump and his terrifying tariffs,”

Where did you find this dilettante? Webster describes a dilettante as an amateur collector. But the correct definition is someone who knows little of what they talk about and use it to their own disadvantage. Franken needs to get a life.

It appears Franken has the“TAD (Trump Anxiety Disorder) problem and needs to get current with his thinking and opinions. Does Franken not realize Trump’s policies are working (economy, immigration, lowering the unemployment rate, etc.)? Franken goes on and on with his diatribe. Maybe Franken should move to another country.

Note to the publisher and editor-in-chief: You are trying to restart you newspaper and still have not realized that putting out a newspaper in a county that is mostly conservative — yet you publish a paper that, a lot of the time, demeans the current government and president. You are not going to succeed with this approach. Most of us residents like the direction the current U.S. administration is headed. And, we definitely like the president’s whole approach to getting the country back on track.

Erik Wood