Undermining Democracy

Does anyone else notice that many of the angry letters appearing in the Curry Pilot’s editorial pages are frequently written by the same few people?

Most are angered by what they’re seeing daily on their Facebook feeds and Fox News and are filled with misinformation. In turn, these few extreme conservatives spew out vile statements on multiple issues in a single disjointed letter that strings together hateful accusations and veiled threats.

Some are excited to show their party loyalty by attempting to spread angry rumors and by stoking fears of conspiracy and violence from Democrats. Often these rants are only a “cut and paste” from suspect articles.

They blame Democrats for conspiracies and malignant deeds that exist nowhere except in their own minds. They relitigate and/or reinvestigate every disproven scandal time and again, which they want to be factual.

Are Democrats perfect? No. There is as much disagreement among them as with Republicans but Democrats are a legitimate and necessary part of American democracy that don’t deserve to be demonized.

Importantly, we should consider sources of information such as Facebook and Fox News, which is a driving force behind much of this anger, fear and hatred being spread. Time and again these news anchors and journalistic “sources” have been embarrassingly caught in misstatement, innuendo and inflammatory rhetoric. It is no secret that conservative network news is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who has dealt in sensationalism and tabloid journalism for years.

Everyone should search for the truth and expose ourselves to a variety of news sources before writing vile and hateful accusations about one another (Snopes.com is a useful tool for verification). Not only is my letter an appeal for angry rants to end but it’s also an exhortation to Democrats to continue to refuse taking up the bait by responding in kind. Please keep topical discussions on point and civil.

Gary Blanchard

Gold Beach

Marching Bands

Did anyone but me see it? Did you see the almost impossible happen? It was right in front of us as we sat and watched the Azalea Festival Parade. Did you notice the new thing that happened? I did. I heard it I felt it and it was wonderful.

This Azalea Festival Parade had Three marching bands. Two of them were from Brookings. Yes it was real. The middle school band marched under the direction of Nick Courtnage, and the high school band under the new first year Music Director Cory Tamondong. The high school band even had new uniforms.

I don’t think most people realized this was the first time in memory we had these bands all marching and playing and doing a wonderful job. Please support them as this growth in musical talent under the directorship of Nick Courtnage and Tamondong all takes years and years to build up. When music programs are allowed to thrive, the entire community thrives as well.

Bravo, kids and teachers.

Patricia Foht


Walls all over the world

How odd it is that the politically correct jet set always say they hate walls but they have absolutely nothing to say about the Great Wall of China. As a matter of fact, political big shots like Barack Obama make a point of it to have their picture taken in front of the Great Wall.

Maybe that has something to do with politicians like Joe Biden who got bought off by the Red Chinese a long time ago. China is not even a threat, according to the genius Biden.

Have you even noticed the loudmouth anarchists never have anything to say about the fence between Mexico and Guatemala? Have you ever noticed how the media never talks about that large fence at the Vatican that keeps the rest of the world away from the pope?

Don’t even get me started about all the never Trump celebrities out in Hollywood and the impressive boundaries that keep out all their adoring fans.

I think certain people protest just a little too much.

Joe Thomas


Climate Change is a threat

Climate change is a looming threat that impacts all of us, and waiting around to address it is only going to allow the impacts to become more severe.

Living in a coastal area that already experiences flooding and significant winter storms, the Oregon Coast is an area that unfortunately stands to be particularly impacted. Projections for sea level are anywhere from 2-12 feet by the year 2100, predictions which should cause everyone concern and spur action forward.

That being said, a successful response to climate change will need to involve a variety of action at the personal level, in the private sector, and at all levels of government to cut emissions from our food, transport, and industrial systems and build a better future.

The Sunrise Movement is a coalition of youth-led and inspired activists working to transform our society and create millions of well-paying, stable jobs. We need our politicians, all the way from city council to state offices on up to Capitol Hill to get on board, as time is a luxury we no longer have.

Let your representatives know that you want a future that rejects doom and gloom, and instead features a vibrant economy and a climate suitable for human and animal life. Learn more at sunrisemovement.org.

Brian Wagenaar