Theories on climate change

Theories abound as to whether human action affects the climate. Here is an indisputable fact: The core of the Earth consists of molten lava at a temperature of thousands of degrees. This molten mass often vents to the surface in the form of volcanic eruptions whose lava flows into the ocean.

The lava also vents thru the ocean floor. These areas of warm water, heated by the Earth’s own action, are moved by the ocean’s currents around the globe including the polar ice caps where they melt some ice. This has been going on since before people started driving cars and flying around in jets. Environmental action to offset the effects of people’s activities will affect global economies and standards of living.

Who do you trust the most to maintain the Earth’s climate, a few environmentalists or God?

Alan Jensen


Yellow car parade

Yellow cars are rare in Brookings but several beauties are running around town. Join the parade of yellow cars in the Azalea Festival Parade on May 25 along Chetco Avenue. We still want more entries.

If you have a yellow vehicle (of any kind), please send a photo and contact info to: . There is no cost involved in participating in this first-ever parade.

Vehicles must be registered to participate. Information about the assembly time and place will be available closer to the event. Tell your friends.

Leslie Wolf


Firearm laws

In regards to a letter on April 17, I noticed some popular misconceptions regarding firearms laws. First “background checks” seems to be the latest buzz words for the anti-gun groups, but there are already background checks required for a firearms purchase.

There are 11 requirements by Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, which are checked at the time of purchase via the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. A valid picture ID is required and a purchaser must fill out a form, ATF form 4473.

In Oregon, the seller must get an OK, normally by phone, that the purchaser is eligible for a firearms purchase. I have purchased firearms for at least 30 years in California and Oregon and have never just walked in, plopped down some cash and walked out with a gun.

Yes a firearm can be purchased online but a vendor must ship the firearm through a federally licensed dealer (aka FFL) to another FFL only. Firearms cannot be shipped to an individual without a license. When the firearm arrives at the destination’s FFL, the background check is done.

In regards to self/home protection; I have lived in Harbor for nine years and have seen a sheriff’s deputy maybe six times. And while it is very rare for a robbery in our area, we are pretty much on our own. Brookings residents have police near/on hand, but they stay north of the river. Has anyone in Harbor called the sheriff? Did the sheriff respond in less than 1/2 hour?

As far as suicide, I’m not an expert but I have known four people who committed suicide; one drove his car into a bridge abutment at 80 mph, one overdosed on drugs, one slit her wrists, and only one via firearm (a friend had terminal cancer, purchased a gun in California, waited the mandatory 10 days, then got the gun and shot himself). Blaming firearms for easy suicides is easy but not accurate. If a person is bent on suicide, they will find a way and more gun laws will have no effect.

I understand some are fearful of firearms and want them abolished but these individuals need facts, not hearsay from other uninformed activists.

Michael Isaac


turbulent times

I think most of the readers of this column would agree that we live in turbulent times. I would like to suggest a dystopian novel entitled “1984” by author George Orwell.

If you haven’t already read the work, it is set in the fictional year of 1984 when most of the world population have become victims of perpetual war, omnipresent government surveillance and propaganda. There is a leader named Big Brother who enjoys an intense cult of personality but may not even exist.

The novel’s protagonist is a character named Winston Smith who works for the Ministry of Truth where he constantly rewrites historical records to conform to the ever changing version of history put out by the government. I have read this novel a few times and I think I see some similarities to the real world. It might be worth a read, if you are interested in this sort of thing.

Joe Willett


Greenhouse has policy

Anyone concerned about addressing global warming with a comprehensive, economy-wide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction policy should support the Oregon Legislature’s HB 2020 proposal establishing the Oregon Climate Action Program.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) underlined in 2018 that to keep warming below 1.5°C/2.7°F degrees fahrenheit above pre-industrial levels is critical. To do this, they also pointed out, we need to achieve a 45 percent reduction in GHG emissions from 2010 levels by 2030, and net zero emissions by 2050. This means establishing a program that initiates a steep emissions decline, and doing it now. Every year we delay will require a steeper trajectory, and risk social and economic disruption.

In requiring at least a 45 percent reduction by 2035 and at least an 80 percent reduction by 2050, HB 2020 may not quite meet the IPPC goals, but it certainly places our state on a trajectory that demands substantial emissions reductions. The political will to do what is needed may not be sufficient now, but as climate-induced catastrophes increase in frequency, it will develop soon.

Southern Oregon Climate Action Now supports HB 2020 so when that realization arrives, we will need only a minor adjustment, not economy-wide disruption, to achieve the desired trajectory.

Alan Journet

Co-Facilitator and Board President,

Southern Oregon Climate Action Now

Gun sanctuary

Here we go again. I ask you, why, in a country that has more guns circulating than it has people, do we need a “gun sanctuary” in Curry County.

Every time there’s a national election the rumors circulate among the fringe, “They’re coming to take our guns.” Who starts these rumors? Well, think about it. Who has the most to gain? Gun manufacturers, of course. Who represents the gun industry? Well, we all know that answer. So more importantly, who are the easiest people to manipulate? The lunatic fringe, many who shouldn’t have access to guns anyway but because of our loosey goosey gun laws they do.

It is ridiculous and childish of our county commissioner to bring this forward in Curry County again. It is a waste of time and in the end we will follow state and federal laws as we should. We have the Army, the Air Force, Marines, Merchant Marines, National Guard. These are our well trained militias. Is commissioner Boice suggesting the military will rise up against Americans and the gun sanctuary law will protect us? Give me a break.

It is time to grow up and get to work on issues that matter in Curry County. We need affordable housing. We need more doctors. We need reliable transportation. We need safe roads and bridges. It takes a lot of imagination to manipulate a few but it’s time to put that creativity to work in productive ways that will actually serve Curry County residents. Curry County commissioners, when the live-feed shows you, let us see mature adults who can communicate and interact respectfully. The reason there are three of you is that you are expected to disagree and discuss, you are expected to represent the concerns of all the residents, not just the ones who make your ego feel good. Note, you are sitting in office chairs, not on a throne.

BR Matteson


Clearing up some confusion

This letter is in response to a Letter to the Editor in the April 20 edition of the Pilot.

First, I’d like to thank the writer for her service, “…as a teacher, counselor and school psychologist…” as those are fields which help shape the young minds of children and are vitally important. Few careers are as significant.

However, there is some confusion when it comes to the Curry County commissioners meeting she wrote about. She states she doesn’t see, “…the necessity for an assault-type automatic military weapon”. She believes these guns have, “…a potential to fire 30-50 rounds in a few seconds…”

Actually, no one is advocating for these weapons. Automatic weapons as she describes have been banned without special licensing for decades.

Secondly, the term, “assault-type military weapon” is confusing to many as gun control advocates have redefined an assault weapon based on how it looks, and not on what it actually does. A military assault weapon is a fully automatic weapon. Citizens do not have these and no one is saying they should.

The meeting referred to is simply to discuss making Curry County a sanctuary county. This means if/when those legislators in Salem pass laws that violate the Second Amendment, Curry County would be exempt. Not exempt from all gun laws. Much like what sanctuary cities have done to avoid federal law with those illegally in the U.S.

Mike Wiley