I am writing this in regards to the Second Amendment Sanctuary proposal to remove weapon regulations at the Curry County Commissioners meeting on April 24 in Gold Beach.

I have worked in schools at the elementary, junior high, high school and college levels. Throughout my career as a teacher, counselor and school psychologist, I have experienced many children who have committed suicide and children who shot other students. The youngest student that was suicidal was age 5.

I wrote my thesis on adolescent suicide and after learning about the extremely high rates of suicide in our county I was shocked at this proposal. Over the years I have lived in the city and rural areas where people use guns for hunting or kept a gun at home in case of a robbery but in my 76 years, I have never seen the necessity for an assault-type automatic military weapon.

If a background check is needed to volunteer working on a school campus why not to purchase a weapon? I knew of an elementary student who ordered a gun online using another name. We need gun safety and awareness to be taught and desperately need mental health services in our county. When a child or adult is angry or mentally unstable and a gun is available then we are all at risk.

When a gun has a potential to fire 30-50 rounds in a few seconds communities are at risk.

Our lobbyists and politicians need to fight for our security, not for open ownership of military weapons armed against students, neighbors, co-workers and family members. Isn’t our safety your primary concern? What about the rights of our future children’s lives? Where are the proposals for mental health services?

Marsha Thibodeaux


Abortion not birth control

I agree, there are circumstances when abortion is appropriate. Abortion is not and never will be birth control. Unless of course, you live in China.

I am pro-life. Millions of people in this country want children and are waiting for years sometimes to adopt. What I don’t understand is why the left is promoting late-term abortion. Right to the moment of birth.

If that same woman were on the way to the clinic to abort her child were to be in a car wreck, say two hours prior, by a drunk driver and her baby was killed that drunk driver would be held responsible for that baby’s death.

Instead of an abortion, this mother is now in court collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars because this guy killed her baby. But it’s OK for the baby to be allowed to die peacefully (?) with a physician if it’s an abortion.

Since the Dems want illegals in the country, thereby increasing voters, why not push for the lives of those 320,000-plus babies killed yearly by abortion.

Please explain to me how this kind of hypocrisy makes sense?

Sharon Henry

Gold Beach


The Mueller Report is out. How can America reconcile the report with what we saw unfold in the media? Are we out of the crisis and can now get on with our lives? Not yet. There is a far larger event occurring.

These are the end times. Armageddon. The Rapture. It started as the result of the pre-emptive strike on Iraq, which created the schism across the planet.

What we see unfolding is a global act of revenge. Many Americans see revenge as not only legal but American and the basis for our power base. The symbol for revenge is a pentacle — the reason the Pentagon is shaped as it is.

Revenge brings together five groups of people and each plays one of five power games, including war, genocide, massacres, slavery and terrorism. But the games go against God’s law and continue on until an innocent person is crucified. When no WMD were found in Iraq, it back-lashed on George W. Bush and Tony Blair and collapsed our power base. It started world leaders grabbing for power to see who will be the next superpower, including Trump and Putin.

This is Holy Week. Easter. The crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth collapsed Rome’s power base.

Armageddon is not the end of the world but the end of a cycle. Mankind is at a crossroads in our evolution. Which path will we take — up, down or straight ahead?

Karen Holmes