How does the county sheriff department pay for services provided to visitors to Curry County? The sheriff’s department presently receives its funding from the property tax base and funding raised through Search and Rescue. Now, voters have an opportunity to vote to collect funding from our visitors to help the county sheriff provide those services to them.

The League of Women Voters of Curry County Board of Directors has taken a position in support of the county’s Transient Lodging Tax ballot measure based on the following positions:

The League of Women Voters of Curry County supports that alternative sources of funding should be explored for our county government. The League of Women Voters supports a tax system that recognizes the individual’s responsibility for government services by providing a broad sharing of the tax burden.

We do recognize that tourists put a certain burden on county government services and facilities and, therefore, should share in the tax burden to provide these services.

The League of Women Voters encourages voters to vote for the county’s Transient Lodging Tax on May 21. Mark your ballot “yes.”

The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan organization that does not support or oppose candidates running for elected office. Supported positions on measures are based on league positions arrived at by consensus from studies conducted by the league.

Lucie La Bonté President


Over and over I read the letters to the editor, and say to those that will listen, that the Pilot should offer some of the writers a job and let them have their own columns. I agree or disagree, and brush it aside. I would almost consider myself apolitical.

At times I will surf the TV and view some political debates and dismiss it from my mind. My husband has informed me over and over again, don’t discuss politics and religion. This time I failed to follow his advice.

I did watch Adam Schiff ’s speech that you can find on the internet... titled “I’m not OK.” I would encourage one to watch it and then perhaps discuss it.

That same night I watch President Trump’s rally speech, I think it was in Wisconsin. What touched me and give me some thoughts, were these words, “I’m smarter than you, I’m richer than you, I went to better schools than you, I got better grades than you, I live in a better house than you”... so forth and so on.

Please excuse me if I also add, you bend the truth better than I do, too. Perhaps I found a reason not to be apolitical anymore.

Pat Johnson Brookings


Why is it that persons who are determined to make everyone believe what they are saying are unable to see or hear the truth themselves. I believe lies are a form of brainwashing. If it is said often enough and loud enough and with threat to well being... repeatedly, day in and day out, people who are in need of a base become victims of this brainwashing.

Sad. So pathetically sad that when the truth is actually laid in front of these victims, they find their world collapsing. Fear, panic. How can this be? I put all my faith into these people. How could my government lie? Why would my government lie? I believed them. I did what they said. And they lied to me.

And their world crumbles.

The Democrat party started before the election. It started before Obama left office. Be politically correct (not necessarily honest).

In other words, never tell the truth especially if it doesn’t work for your needs. Hillary lost and the need became overwhelming. Two years and $35 million later, they got what they asked for... just not what they wanted.

And their followers (the media) are falling apart. They can’t think for themselves anymore. Collusion, obstruction, manipulation, suppression... all the media used so many multi-syllable words to sound important. Problem was, they all used the same word on the same day. Over and over and over. Odd, strange, weird, dumb. No brainer. They couldn’t report anything original, like the truth. Now their world is crashing. But I did notice

this a.m. that Nancy Pelosi did give them a big word to use... and they did. If they had listened to President Trump they’d have had two words... collusion delusion.

Sharon Henry Gold Beach


I believe Sue Gold should seriously consider returning to the county part of her salary. Why, you ask?

The answer seems quite obvious by her actions. As a county commissioner, she’s supposed to be representing the entire county. However, her time, energy, and priorities seem focused solely on her own zip code. We are all taxpayers paying her salary.

Divisiveness has pervaded and crippled this small county for too many decades. The results in many ways speak for themselves. It’s time to unify our few zip codes, for a common cause. A singular countywide health district should have been in place

long ago. Neither the state, the feds nor any private hospital chain has shown any serious intent to fund the additional medical services, have they?

It’s time to realize that what is desperately needed here is our cooperation and

commitment. The polarizing, autonomous motivations we’ve been witnessing for far too long have failed this otherwise beautiful little corner of the world. It’s truly time for a change.

Clayton Johnson Gold Beach


April is Mental Health Awareness Month, and addressing rural mental health

in coastal Southern Oregon and Northern California is particularly challenging. To help raise awareness for this important issue, Zero Attempts (www.ZeroAttempts. org) is coordinating a 16-page suicide prevention newspaper insert to be placed in major newspapers in Coos, Curry and Del Norte counties in September 2019 (Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month).

Newspaper insert sections will outline important risk factors, warning signs, and contributing factors; how to intervene and talk with someone you are concerned about; and how to determine if a person’s situation is an emergency and how to respond. The insert will have sections focusing on youth, veterans, the elderly, and a usually overlooked area regarding the impact of suicide in the workplace.

Everyone can help.

Zero Attempts is challenging at least 240 Coos, Curry, and Del Norte county individuals, businesses, organizations, government entities and nonprofits to donate $50 toward the production and distribution of this publication. Zero Attempts’ goal with this project is to remove the stigma around suicide by helping the community understand suicide prevention and encourage awareness and conversations.

Your $50 donation ensures the publication of this insert in Coos, Curry, and Del Norte county newspapers in September 2019, which will support these efforts. Send a $50 check today, made payable to United Way of Southwestern Oregon with “Finding Hope” in the memo field, to UWSWO, Attn.: Finding Hope, PO Box 1288, Coos Bay, OR 97420. Please note whether you wan your name or your organization’s name listed, or if you prefer to remain anonymous.

Suicide is at an all time high in the U.S. Join Zero Attempts and United Way of Southwestern Oregon to make a difference in the lives and health of our communities. For questions email info@

Gordon Clay Brookings


Chris Paasch is right. Curry County’s Sheriff’s Department and its jail are working with not enough deputies, not enough money and not enough support from the three cities who regularly dump their trash on the sheriff’s doorstep and expect him to smile and say thank you.

Not! Port Odor, Old Beach and Bumkings need to cough up some dough every time they ask Ward to babysit another one of their illustrious citizens.

Gene Clasen Gold Beach


So I heard the news. My neighbor hollered

“no collusion” at me in the driveway.

Now, nobody’s actually seen the Mueller report except Trump’s handpicked AG, but apparently Mueller decided there was in-sufficient evidence for criminal convictions. And by that standard, “The investigation

did not establish...” is translated by Trump and his hysterical acolytes as “exonerated.” Uh-huh.

And yeah, knowing that America’s enemy is sabotaging our election on your behalf isn’t a crime unless you’re actively cooperating. Welcoming

the interference and cheering it on (“Russia, if you’re listening...”) instead of alerting the FBI is despicable, but not criminal.

Fourteen top Trumpies secretly back-channeling with Russians during the campaign and then lying about every contact is only a crime if it’s to Congress or the Feds (right, Michael Flynn?). Pursuing a huge real estate deal in Russia during the campaign and lying about it isn’t criminal. Even shamelessly bootlicking Putin and humiliating America in front of the whole world at Helsinki, which oughta be a crime, isn’t.

No, TrumpWorld’s

eventual doom will

be the corruption, the slush funds, the payoffs and payola and pocket-lining. The criminal stuff that Mueller’s network of financial investigators dug up that’s guiding a dozen federal probes — the Southern District of New York, the U.S. attorneys in Brooklyn and Manhattan and D.C., the AGs of New York and New Jersey, ve House committees, the Senate Intelligence Committee and Mueller’s own “continuing robustly” grand jury. Think all those investigations will result

in “did not establish”? Nope, me neither.

Hey, Mueller did great. Five top Trumpies already prison bound, with Roger Rabid to follow, and multiple scandals exposed — and it didn’t cost taxpayers

a dime. (The Manafort forfeitures covered

the tab.) And the steady dismantling of TrumpWorld will continue long after Bleach Baby’s election ejection by a disgusted America next year.

Mike Gaynes Harbor


Curry Health Network is trying to eliminate the urgent care

in Brookings and open an ER instead. An ER for Brookings isn’t that great? A visit to the ER will cost at least four times what urgent care costs?

Urgent care is used by many people who can’t get into their primary care for strep throat, bronchial infections and other conditions, due to a severe doctor shortage.

Insurance co-pays for urgent care are often the same or slightly higher than the co-pay to see your primary care physician. Even if you don’t have coverage, the cost of urgent care will likely run between $100 and $150. A similar trip to an ER — $500 and up.

Is an ER in Brookings and no urgent care better access to health care? You can’t access health care if you can’t afford it.

The high cost of an ER visit will mean patients will not seek care or end up driving to Crescent City where there is an urgent care


Why does CHN want

an ER in Brookings? Money, follow the money. Google standalone ER’s and what you will nd is that they are huge money generators. These ER’s are

a trend that is about making money at the expense of the patient, insurance companies and the state/federal government (Medicare, OHP).

Most treatments in an ER can be done

just as effectively and much cheaper with urgent care facilities. CHN is not opening

an ER in Brookings to offer better health care for South Curry residents, they just want our money. This is one step forward (new ER) and two steps back (no urgent care). Contact your city and county of cials and let them know that an ER at the expense of urgent care is not progress for Brookings.

Teresa Lawson Brookings