Abolish the Electoral College: America has embraced the 12th Amendment process for presidential elections for over 200 years. But the candidates know they don’t represent the whole country. When they can’t win the votes, they cheat by abandon- ing history.

Lower the voting age: Would you let your 16-year old dictate foreign policy, determine tax law or carry the nuclear codes? Of course not. But the candidates want to manipulate our children to elect their president. When they can’t win, they cheat by using kids.

Add judges: Our Constitution man- dates nine Supreme Court justices. Justices are chosen by the winning president. But when the candidates believe the court is not liberal enough they want to trash the Constitution and add 11 more. When they can’t win judgments, they cheat by changing the rules.

Global extinction: Our planet has gone through innumerable heating and cooling cycles as proven by ice core samples. But according to the candidates, the Earth only has 12 years left. When they can’t win the argument, they cheat by using scare tactics.

Infanticide: The act of late-term abortion has been replaced by the deceiving phrase, women’s rights. The candidates are so wedded to this deceitful political phrase they are willing to abandon the rights of a liv- ing baby. When they can’t win, they cheat with word games.

Courting illegals: America has thou- sands of citizens living on the streets but the candidates would rather give free stuff to illegals than to Americans in need. They promise asylum, health care, welfare and now Social Security will be free to all illegals.

When they can’t win, they cheat by buying votes.

When candidates abdicate their values, abandon their character and sell themselves out for votes, they will never win.

Kimberly Tyson Harbor


Adam Schiff. He’s the epitome of what we think of when we hear the word “politician.”

Here’s a guy who for almost two years has been saying he has indisputable evidence of Trump’s collusion with the Russian government
to thwart the 2016 election process. When asked to provide such proof, he just replied that it “...was in plain sight.” Schiff even called Trump’s alleged actions, “Treasonous!” Schiff repeatedly said the Mueller Investigation would bring out the facts and prove he (Schiff) was right. He was wrong.

Fast forward to a few days ago, when the exhaustive investigation was finally concluded and neither Trump nor any of his campaign, was found to have colluded with Russians at any time. In fact, it was disclosed that Russia repeatedly attempted
to encourage cooperation from the Trump campaign, who would have nothing to do with them.

So what does Schiff say, now that his proof has been found to be non- existent and he’s been lying to the American people for almost two years? He blames the GOP for being immoral and unethical. We call that chutzpah. His proof turns out to be a meeting in Trump Towers before the election (where he was not present) that he “knew was collusion.” He was

proved wrong, and being the consummate politician he refuses to accept any responsibility for lying and instead blames those he was lying about.

It’s no wonder public opinion is so low. We’re accustomed to being lied to.

Mike Wiley Brookings


The human brain from a physical standpoint is not complete until 25- 30 yrs of age. Some 2,000 years ago this was recognized as leaders were not accepted until they were 30 years old.

Ask a 16-year-old to define a republic, a democracy, socialism, communism, dictatorship, totalitarian government and see what they say. Ask a 16-year-old if he or she has read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, the Communist Manifesto and see what they say.

It may be true that some 16-year- olds are knowledgeable about all these. This does not mean that they have high-quality judgment. Judgment comes with experience and this a 16-year-old does not possess.

Of course, in today’s culture, many politicians just want votes. In my estimation there should be term limits, but who would vote themselves out
of office after 6-12 years. Every one of them become millionaires in office and this is not how it is supposed to be.

Our educational system today does not teach youth to be thinkers, but mere reflectors of others thoughts

No. No on 16-year-old’s voting.

Douglas W. Cross Brookings