Abolish the Electoral College: America has embraced the 12th Amendment process for presidential elections for over 200 years. But the candidates know they don’t represent the whole country. When they can’t win the votes, they cheat by abandoning history.

Lower the voting age: Would you let your 16-year old dictate foreign policy, determine tax law or carry the nuclear codes? Of course not. But the candidates want to manipulate our children to elect their president. When they can’t win, they cheat by using kids.

Add judges: Our Constitution mandates nine Supreme Court justices. Justices are chosen by the winning president. But when the candidates believe the court is not liberal enough they want to trash the Constitution and add 11 more. When they can’t win judgments, they cheat by changing the rules.

Global extinction: Our planet has gone through innumerable heating and cooling cycles as proven by ice core samples. But according to the candidates, the Earth only has 12 years left. When they can’t win the argument, they cheat by using scare tactics.

Infanticide: The act of late-term abortion has been replaced by the deceiving phrase, women’s rights. The candidates are so wedded to this deceitful political phrase they are willing to abandon the rights of a living baby. When they can’t win, they cheat with word games.

Courting illegals: America has thousands of citizens living on the streets but the candidates would rather give free stuff to illegals than to Americans in need. They promise asylum, healthcare, welfare and now Social Security will be free to all illegals. When they can’t win, they cheat by buying votes.

When candidates abdicate their values, abandon their character and sell themselves out for votes, they will never win.

Kimberly Tyson Harbor


A few years ago before I moved here, I lived near

a hospital and woke to a burst appendix. Immediately I was taken to the hospital and rushed to surgery, which saved my life. I wonder if that had happened here living in Brookings without a , Highway 101 closed and an alternate road that is questionable at best, would I have died?

Why do we not have a hospital here when we know it is possible? We have the largest population, the largest number of senior and an awareness that in an aging population the health issues are most often serious and require immediate care or surgery.

Our current crisis is from a slide that occurs every year, and if anyone looks at the hillside, it is all unstable. This situation came about from just rain. What about an earthquake or tsunami that is predicted that will cut us off as an island between two bridges. How will a stand-alone emergency room help us? There will be no facilities to handle serious emergencies just add another hopeful long transport with time lost to a real hospital and what if the helicopter is already in use, what then?

The one thing that we all have in common here is our need for a hospital not a golf course or event center. Sue Gold is the only commissioner who is supporting our crisis for health and safety. Her courage and devotion is our only hope.

I thought we elected our representatives with the knowledge that they are charged with our health and safety as their priority. Their job is not to continue to support status quo but to continually assess the needs of our community.

Marsha Thibodelaux Brookings


This is the first letter to an editor I have ever written. But I thought you, B.R. Matteson, deserved this, as your idea to turn the white elephant...err, I mean golf course into affordable living for us worker bees is a smashing idea. Bravo!

Christine Roche Harbor


The Gold Beach City Council has taken the

step to ban one-time use of plastic bags from the supermarket in favor of biodegradable paper bags. Environmentally correct but as with most environmental rulings, this has some side- effects.

First, as you leave the store and it’s raining, as it sometimes does in Oregon, your paper bags will immediately begin to biodegrade. Next, when you put your kitchen garbage in a paper bag, it will further degrade.

When I was a kid my mom would use paper garbage bags. Our garbage can, as well as the garbage collection trucks, always smelled like garbage. Then modern science came up with airtight plastic bags. Problem solved. For this reason, the transfer and recycling companies ask that we place our kitchen garbage in plastic bags.

Without the store plastic bags, which are not single-use bags, after all, we must buy plastic kitchen bags, thus sending larger and heavier duty bags to the disposal site. If it ever became necessary to reclaim a disposal site, all of the original dirt is still there, it would just be necessary to screen out the plastic. Our all-knowing state legislators also want to also ban plastic. Please don’t allow this.

Alan Jensen Brookings


I would like to address the March 23 letter about freedom of speech.

With all due respect, the writer apparently doesn’t know what they are talking about. Let me try and address their statements, one by one.

The writer complained that Alex Jones InfoWars was banned from several Internet providers. Jones is described as one of the leading generators of fake news and lies. Like Hillary running a sex ring out of a pizza restaurant. These companies have the right to remove an extreme blatant liar from their platforms.

It was stated that “Paul Manafort gets put in prison because he dared to be Trump’s campaign manager.” Manafort was put in prison for fraud.

A jury found Manafort guilty in August on eight counts of tax fraud, bank fraud and concealing a foreign bank account. They could not reach a verdict on 10 other charges, per The Guardian and many other sources that are easily researched.

Roger Stone lied under oath repeatedly and engaged in witness tampering. And now Special Counsel Robert Muel- ler has indicted him with one count of obstruction, ve counts of false statements, and one count of witness tampering, per Business Insider and other sources.

As for the Jussie Smollett situation, it’s a disgrace and

an embarrassment that he did that. It will have cost him his career, I’m sure someones, and possibly jail time. Just like it’s a disgrace and embarrassment that actors and actresses were caught rigging the system for their children to get into colleges.

In the meantime, we have

a person sitting in the White House who uses Twitter to call people names and suggest investigations into anybody who disagrees with him. Donald Trump is the one trying to block freedom of speech. He blocked at least 41 Twitter contributors who dared to disagree with him. That is a First Amendment breach because he is a public official and he is not allowed to block commentary on his Twitter account.

What did the judge’s ruling say? Trump cannot legally block his Twitter followers for political reasons, the judge ruled, because that would amount to “viewpoint discrimination” by a government offcial in a public forum, per the Washington Post and other sources.

Please do some research and make sure you know what you’re talking about before you write to a newspaper and start blasting the Democratic Party when you are factually incorrect.

Suzanne Hossler Gold Beach


Mueller didn’t nd evidence of collusion with Russian interference in the 2016 election but on Nov. 6, 2018, Reuters reported that China has granted Ivanka Trump 16 trademarks, including one for voting machines.

The scope of the Mueller investigation may have been so limited it disregarded Chinese interference in our elections that would demonstrate a pattern of collusion.

Congress needs the full support from all Americans in their search for the truth and for their constitutional oversight of the president. This is a crisis that affects all Americans.

U.S. foreign policy must be addressed, also, as to how the U.S. government interferes in the elections of other nations. We cannot point fingers at Russia and China without three fingers pointing back at us.

Karen Holmes Brookings


As I write this I have mixed emotions. I have decided to leave Corner Drugs & Gifts after almost 10 years of serving our multiple communities. My last day will be March 29. I promised I would let my favorite customers know when I made that decision.

Truth of the matter is you are all my favorites. I wish

I could send each and every one of you a personal note

and thank you each individually but that is impossible. I hope you all will bear with the pharmacy as they go through another transition.

I will miss you all but I won’t be very far away. I will be working at Curry Community Health. I am very excited about traveling this path that is laid out in front of me. So, thank you all for your loyalty to Corner Drug. Hugs.

Gaylene Henderson Harbor