Gun Control

The Oregon Legislature is at it again. Under the guise of safety for the citizens, their proposals for yet more gun control would accomplish exactly the opposite.

Those in favor of gun control say they want to reduce gun violence overall and specifically mass shootings in schools. Who doesn’t want that?

Unfortunately, by imposing more and more restrictive gun laws, citizens are less safe in their homes, on the streets and in schools. Anyone really interested can go to class="Apple-converted-space"> for details as to why so many more lives are saved each year by firearms than lives lost due to firearms.

Recently a speaker during a debate on gun control said this: Anytime someone tells you that more and more gun control is needed, what they’re really admitting is that gun control doesn’t work. If it worked, why the need for more and more restrictive gun control laws? Good point.

The ultimate goal of those wanting more restrictions on our ability to defend ourselves is obvious. Make enough restrictions and no one will be able to purchase, or use, a firearm. Disarming citizens hasn’t worked in other countries, and it won’t work here. Those bent on hurting others will always find a way.

Mike Wiley


Defining Socialism

Maybe this is where our newspaper fails us. Maybe this is where our education system fails us. A recent letter somehow equates a small town story of minor hardship - yea, we were all going to die because of no milk, but it’s a fun fact it happened - with a system of dictatorship that he calls socialism.

I’m really afraid anyone who calls the cult of personality that exists in Venezuela socialism is more concerned with proving an idea wrong than making things better.

We have adopted so many tenants of socialism in our country that it’s painful to watch people educated in our system unable to recognize it when they see it, or the lack of it.

Socialism may have a set dictionary meaning but in practice doesn’t and can/should be adapted to each situation. Democracy, capitalism even socialism would be great and can be good for all if run with compassion.

That word compassion, that human feeling, is the one thing that is lost when people decide their ignorance is equal to knowledge.

Ben Boorman



The letter in your March 13th issue regarding AllCare, the United Nations, a document called the Declaration of Interdependence and oh yes, the homelessness issue in Curry County was so far off the beam that I hesitated to even respond to it. But heck, April Fool’s Day is just around the corner.

As a community volunteer that has served on AllCare’s Curry Community Advisory Council (CAC) for the past seven years, five of them as the chair, I know firsthand of the many wonderful projects of our local organizations and agencies throughout the county that AllCare has helped fund.

For AllCare, a Coordinated Care Organization (CCO) with the purpose of better health and better care at lower cost, addressing the social determinants of health, such as food, transportation and housing (or the lack of), as well as the issues of mental health and early learning was the upstream approach to doing this. Beth Barker Hidalgo happens to serve as a member of the Curry CAC.

At this time, AllCare is the only health care organization in the state that is also a Certified B corporation. This is in line with how they have been conducting business, receiving the highest satisfaction rate of any CCO in Oregon in 2017. Certified B corporations are businesses that balance purpose and profit, utilizing responsible corporate practices.

So how does this tie in with the United Nations Earth Summit of 1992, Declaration of Interdependence, Agenda 21 and Marxism?

Beats me.

Georgia Nowlin


Destroying America

Who could have imagined, America has its first anti-Semite, ISIS sympathizer in Congress.

Make no mistake, Obama’s ignorance reawakened race and economic tensions in this country. His tacit acceptance of ISIS and loathing for Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu clearly paved the way for an uptick in anti-Semitic violence. He further divided the country with his constant degrading of law enforcement, capitalism and love of country.

The left’s festering discontent emerged on Obama’s watch. With his sick economy, anti-American stance on the world stage and feckless leadership the Democrats and the left were seething with anger but blaming Obama was racist; they desperately needed a boogeyman.

With Hillary’s humiliating loss to an unknown, they directed all their hate at Trump. The traitorous leadership of the FBI and DOJ crafted the phony Russian insurance policy that falsely and purposefully created the hate filled tension and distrust of Trump and his administration.

With Trump’s myriad of successes, the left unleashed their hate not only against him but all of America. If you’re too stupid or inept to engage the success of our economic recovery what do you do? You hate success and all those who are enjoying success and you try and find ways to destroy that success. That is the goal of the Democratic Party and their minions.

Their current effort to destroy America is on full display by brokering the invasion of our southern border. Rather than spending a pittance to finish the wall and redraft our ridiculous immigration laws, their inaction is ensuring thousands of illegals are released into our country crushing our welfare system, dividing our communities and the real prize, illegal voting.

Try and blame Trump, but it’s the Democratic mob’s politics of hatred, exclusionism and projection that are destroying our beloved country.

Dee Tyson