What does the Declaration of Interdependence have to do with the homeless issue in Curry County? It has everything to do with the mandates and goals of the United Nations. At the 1992 United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, one document was written specifically for the U.N. called, the Declaration of Interdependence. This document sounds like the one written by our Founding Fathers who wrote the Declaration of Independence. But wait, there are three extra letters in the word — “ter” — independence. Does this change the meaning of the word? Yes, to a completely opposite meaning.

The definition of independence is when people are accountable for their own actions. Interdependence is when people are accountable not only for their actions but everyone else’s actions. Is not this collectivism?

The entity pushing the homeless housing agenda is AllCare Health, Inc. It is a certified B (Benefit) Corporation and the board of directors and company officials must sign a loyalty oath to the United Nations, i. e. the Declaration of Interdependence with all the attachments of Agenda 21, sustainable development and smart growth, which were created by the global elite. Rockefeller funded the initial model B (Benefit) Corporation legislation.

The advisor to AllCare Health is Beth Barker-Hidalgo, chair of the Curry Homeless Coalition. The homeless issue also goes back to the U.N. Habitat III/Human Settlements meeting in 2016. One of the goals was the “right to housing” for everyone including the homeless. Why are the people at the Brookings homeless negotiating table pushing the United Nations agenda? The United States of America is a sovereign nation and not a cog in the despotic, Marxist United Nations machine. It is time to say, no more and dissolve the homeless task force that has the underpinnings of the United Nations.

Jean Soderman Brookings

The real Tweedles

Remember the 60s TV show “To Tell the Truth?” Two contestants had to lie convincingly enough to fool the panel. Then the real person was asked to stand up.

The Democratic legislators in Salem have their own show called Will the Real Tweedledee and Tweedledum Please Stand Up.

The Salem Tweedles make a consumption tax for law enforcement sound better than their ridiculous and vicious attack on law-abiding gun owners. They are sworn to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States, yet they have written 29 new anti-gun bills designed to undermine our Second Amendment rights and to discourage law-abiding citizens from owning a gun for protection and/or hunting.

It’s the worst infringement on our constitutional rights to bear arms and, if passed, the criminals will be dancing in the streets while we are vulnerable to attack at home or in the streets. What criminal would wait as we scramble to unlock our safe and load our guns in order to protect ourselves and families?

It’s obvious it’s all about more taxes, more fees, more restrictions and total government control over our lives. It’s destruction of our rights by the Tweedles, even as they have the best security that anyone could possibly have.

This is what I meant in my previous letter to the editor when I compared a democracy/Marxist type government to two wolves and a sheep deciding on what’s for dinner.

Hold onto your rights and wallets. Call your legislators and tell them you want them to vote no on all the new gun bills.

The Dems are the real Tweedles.

Lou Costa


Cant take it with you

This is proof you can’t take it with you. My wife is legally blind. At 81, all her jewelry was stolen on the same night her brother died.

I installed new door locks… don’t know why. The burglar stole all my guns. Not many but what I bought over my 82 years. I hand-carved the .22 caliber rifle myself.

We have used clothing and some food in the fridge. Nothing of any value left.

Irving Tillung



To the people that I have heard complaining about recent short term shortages of gasoline, milk and other items here in Brookings: I suggest that you visualize living in a socialist country such as Venezuela where these kinds of shortages are chronic and not created by natural events.

Roy Hendrick