Jihad on Congress

Is this a matched set when it comes to ignorance. They seem to have no understanding they are in office to serve the people, not their own agenda.

AOC doesn’t seem to understand that her paycheck is funded by the American taxpayer. If she can afford to fly back and forth, daily, to work (?), does she not comprehend the abject hypocrisy of her actions/words? Or like her video while cooking in a kitchen with microwave, stove, oven, refrigerator, sink and probably disposal. Then stating as long as it is available she’s going to use it. She was talking about all those little plastic bags, she obviously doesn’t recycle or even look for ways around this… like cardboard boxes, or canvas bags, cheap at Walmart. Pathetic. She needs to put action to her words. Narcissist.

And then we have Ilhan. A young woman from Somalia. A country that is predominately Muslim. Fine. Anti-Christian. Is this the platform she ran on to get elected? If so then we as freedom loving Americans should be very cautious of who and what is governing this country. I notice that she is enjoying many of the freedoms of makeup, clothing, manicures, that is part of American freedom. This is a very angry young woman… she may proclaim jihad on Congress.

Sharon Henry

Gold Beac h

Lucky generation

We are a lucky generation. Since the Industrial Revolution, some 200 years ago, we have enjoyed cheap fossil fuel energy and the machines it drives making our lives ever more comfortable. Although warned in the 1800s, most of us have been unaware of the unfortunate side-effects of fossil fuel use.

We now understand that burning fossil fuels is driving global warming that — if it continues on its current trajectory — will compromise our agriculture, forestry and fisheries and the natural life support system that provides us clean air and water and wilderness to enjoy.

Surely, it’s time to accept this new reality and address its causes so future generations can enjoy a planet as rewarding to them as ours is to us.

It’s time for us to reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases and protect our planet. HB 2020 and the Oregon Climate Action Program represent an important step towards a sound and healthy future for us all.

To those who balk at possible negative consequence from reducing emissions, I ask: what is the cost of eliminating our agriculture, forestry and fisheries?

For the love of Southern Oregon, I support HB2020 and urge its passage as a matter of urgency.

Kathy Conway


Southern Oregon Climate Action Now

Summit ineffective

Trump’s second summit did not achieve denuclearization and Kim Jong Un appears to be rebuilding his nuclear capacity. How can we turn this around, especially since Trump didn’t let anyone know what they discussed at the first summit?

Trump went into the first summit thinking that his policy of Maximum Pressure worked to back Kim into the corner, and wanted everyone to believe that was so. But Kim was aware of the plan for the international government and had our proposal to reunify North and South Korea based on the plan for the international government, which was originally offered to him and Kim Jong Il by Obama through Jimmy Carter. The two world leaders were not on the same proverbial page.

What did come out of the summit was something far greater than denuclearization. That both nations are considered equal, the first requirement for conflict resolutions, and that Kim demonstrated how to step out of the corner, and with Russia and China working together to back the U.S. into the corner, this demonstration will save the United States.

The contingency for the exit strategy for Iraq, which leads to the creation of an international court system where disputes between nations are resolved in court rather than the battlefield, and the monies wasted on war will go to the people instead, is that the United States agree to the plan for world peace.

Karen S. Holmes


To the people that I have heard complaining about recent short term shortages of gasoline, milk and other items here in Brookings: I suggest that you visualize living in a socialist country such as Venezuela where these kinds of shortages are chronic and not created by natural events.

Roy Hendrick