It was recently reported in the Pilot that Les and Mary Stansell are retiring from the Pistol River Concert Association. We would like to thank them both for their outstanding efforts through all those 37 years, providing this top-notch music venue.

Sure, it’s about the music, but they helped create so much more — an opportunity for folks to be embraced within hospitable confines of the Friendship Hall. The old adage you come in a stranger and leave as a friend stands evident.

Many performers include a sing-along tune or two in their repertoire, prompting the entire hall to enthusiastically resonate with song, followed by laughter and applause. From the fresh-baked cookies to folks busting out in dance with their children, the atmosphere conveys a heartfelt sense of community.

It looks easy. You buy a ticket, show up and enjoy the performance. But behind the scenes, a huge effort is required to coordinate these events, not to mention maintenance and improvement of the facility. Keep in mind, since the beginning and to this day, Les and Mary, as well as other volunteers, are also working and involved with their families.

So, once again, thank you for bringing such wonderful entertainment to our little corner of the globe. Also, big gratitude goes out to everyone who has and continues to contribute their time to PRCA (especially, the Elfmans, hosting so many of the musicians).

We look forward to the upcoming scheduled concerts, with hope, that the remaining organizers and some energetic newcomers can carry-on this exceptional southern Oregon coast tradition.

Mark and Laurel Gerkman

Gold Beach

Thanks to Redwood Theater

On behalf of the Brookings-Harbor Youth Transition Program’s Paths 2 the Futures class, I would like to thank the owners of the Redwood Theater for lending us the space for our Ladies Matinee Fundraiser. I would also like to thank our generous and supportive community for joining at the event and contributing donations for our trip.

Brookings-Harbor High School Paths 2 the Futures class has been invited to present at the 2019 Oregon Statewide Transition Conference. Of 100 proposals the board selected only 70 presenters, and or ladies made the top 70. We travel to Eugene the first week of March.

The Paths 2 the Future (P2F) curriculum was designed to address the gender gaps in post-school outcomes by building knowledge and skills leading to improved educational and career opportunities for high school girls with disabilities.

P2F provides lessons and activities in four main areas: (1) self-awareness, (2) disability knowledge, (3) gender roles, and (4) college and career readiness. Girls participate in a structured class that will prepare them for future careers in a variety of professions.

Thank you again for all of your support.

Michelle Prudden


Lying to Congress

On Jan. 25, Roger Stone was arrested for lying to Congress. Before dawn, 29 FBI agents went to Stone’s house in Florida with an arrest warrant.

Of the 29 FBI agents among them was a SWAT team, all having 30-round ammo clips, fully automatic assault rifles. All having military bulletproof vests. Also, 17 armored vehicles. Plus there was a CNN camera crew waiting at his house a full 60 minutes before FBI agents arrived.

What was Stone’s crime? He lied to Congress. Stones’ crime and his arrest don’t mean a hill of beans to me. The “why” and “how” does. He lied to Congress. His arrest seemed more like an arrest of Al Capone. Let’s see, who else lied to Congress: Eric Holder (attorney general of the U.S.) lied under oath to Congress twice and was held in criminal contempt twice; nothing happened to him. James Clapper (director of NSA) lied to Congress under oath on TV nothing happened to him. John Brennan (director of the CIA) lied under oath to Congress: nothing happened to him. James Comey (FBI director) lied to Congress under oath on camera on TV numerous times and nothing happened to him. Our Constitution says “And Justice For All.”. I don’t think so. Not in this day and age.

Andrew T. Ragan