Work on skills

I know absolutely nothing about forest management and can offer no opinion on county Commissioner Court Boice’s proposals for reducing the destruction of wildfires in southwest Oregon. But I do know that if Boice is serious about reforming environmental laws and timber policy, vilifying those who may disagree with his ideas is not the best way to accomplish his mission.

In an otherwise thoughtful and informative piece about the problem and possible solutions, Boice devotes five paragraphs to railing with great vehemence against environmentalists, calling them zealots, radicals and ideological purists and blaming them for the fires. Given his brief tenure as a public servant (and much of that spent running for higher office), I doubt Boice has spent time negotiating forest policy with environmental groups but common sense should tell him that name-calling and insults aren’t going to bring people to the table.

(I would also take the Pilot to task for granting special publication privileges to a community member simply because he is an elected official. The Pilot’s policy on Public Forum submissions dictates a limit of 650 words, but Boice’s runs almost 1,400, including the aforementioned political attack. The rules are supposed to be for everybody.)

Boice’s passion for protecting our forests and communities from wildfire is clear, and I wish the best to anyone so committed to that cause. But if Boice wants to be a leader in this effort, he’d better learn to talk to people — especially since his suggested reforms to litigation laws, the Endangered Species Act and NEPA would require legislative action from a politically recalcitrant Congress. That requires negotiation, not vituperation.

On his congressional campaign website, Boice claimed not to be a politician — but like it or not, he is one now. I think he needs to work on that skill set.

Mike Gaynes


Urologist needed

Recently an emergency took my husband to Sutter Coast Hospital in Crescent City. He was suffering from a fractured pelvis, rib and hip but he also required the services of a urologist for the placement of a urinary catheter.

There is no urologist on staff at Sutter Coast Hospital in Crescent City. As a result, my husband was airlifted to Sutter Hospital, Roseville, California, for a simple 10-minute procedure.

The following night he was returned to Sutter Coast-Crescent City by ambulance. The trip was eight hours long and the ambulance staff was not qualified to administer pain medication. It was a long, painful, costly and seemingly avoidable trip.

I am writing this to make people aware that if urology services are needed, you should consider Curry General Hospital in Gold Beach. The staff urologist in Gold Beach is Dr. (Mark) Davis. Sutter Coast is badly in need of a staff urologist.

Carol Jorgensen


No truth

One of the biggest fake news stories ever hit the American people this weekend concerning some Catholic kids at the Mall in Washington. They were accused of disrespecting a Native American Vietnam war veteran.

Not one word of it was true. He said he was a Recon Ranger. The only thing wrong with that is there is no such thing. I am a veteran of Company B 3rd Recon Battalion 4th Marines. We were never called Recon Rangers. It turned out he was a Frigidaire repairman who liked to go AWOL and did it three times. He used this lie to make money on his biography. He is a criminal.

This is an attack on these pro-life students for their beliefs. Many lies were told by the media such as “build the wall.” There is video of everything said so all the media had to do was listen. They chose to not listen and spin their awful lies. The lawyers are lining up for this one to sue, sue, sue. Mothers are going to sue the school for saying the kids will be expelled. There is a lot more to this story and I invite you to read them at Gateway Pundit and American Thinker and all over the net.

Arthur Larason