Pushing agenda?

Curry County’s Donald Trump fans have missed me lately because my article was canceled by the editor for two reasons. No. 1 was a fact check with the Los Angeles Times that told him my statements were a hoax. No. 2, however, claimed my letter had 650 words which was too many. My article was a Public Forum letter and specifically said so at the start. I could not prove No. 1 because it came from a relative in California but reason No. 2 was a farce that has been used on me before.

The Pilot on Jan. 2 ran a Brookings resident article that stated Trump had no reason to complain because he had control of both the House and the Senate. One week later the same resident changed his story. He now states that Republicans are at fault because Democrats do not have two-thirds of the House, which they must have.

I do believe the Pilot’s editor is intelligent enough to see what he’s done but wait, he printed the articles within seven days apart, how could that happen and not be conscious of the reverse thinking and the violation of more than one article a month? If he can figure out that a statement in my 650-word Public Forum article was a hoax then a liberal writing two wrongs in one week is OK because he’s a Democrat.

Editor are you fact checking or pushing your own agenda? I feel very sorry for all us conservatives in Curry County.

Clayton Dalrymple

Hunter Creek

Use of “Arms”

Let’s re-arm our teachers.

When I was in high school several of the faculty were armed. Miss Grant’s weapon of choice was a 12-inch wooden ruler. Acting up or not paying attention in class brought a sharp rap to the knuckles.

Miss Brooker’s favorite was a wooden blackboard pointer that on several occasions was broken over someone’s head or shoulder.

The principal had a large wooden paddle, I once was given the choice of the paddle, detention or expulsion. I wisely answered that the choice was his and received detention.

The coach didn’t directly use a weapon but supplied boxing gloves to any accused bully who was made to take on all comers.

We had no bullies, (or) ADD, and almost all graduated. You never told your parents because if you did, you were punished again.

James “Jim” Wisbauer

Crescent City

Job well done

Tom Huxley, as you’ve stepped down from your position as Curry County Commissioner I want to thank you for your service to the community. While we’ve never met, the Pilot newspaper does a good job conveying the political landscape of Southwestern Oregon.

People can say what they want about you, but money and political ambition were never part of your agenda. You (and Sue Gold) went into your election saying that you didn’t want to be compensated for your work. This became unfeasible because Oregon labor law viewed it as working under minimum wage and it was problematic with the county’s health insurance system, so you and Gold agreed to a stipend of $10,000.

Those monies saved certainly helped the tight budgets of the county. I would offer up that this is a rare occurrence in today’s world of politics. While no one agrees 100 percent in another person’s politics, people witnessed you work with all of your might, mind and strength in what you believed. I hope you wear as a badge of honor that during your tenure, Curry County had the lowest tax rate for any county in Oregon.

After two terms, George Washington knew the majority of people wanted him to remain president, but he stepped down, knowing the longer he or anyone else stayed, the less democratic the nation would be. Mr. Huxley, good luck to your future endeavors and do enjoy the beauty of Curry County.

David White