Thank you

My dad, Jerry Allen (most of the county knows him as Beehive) is and has always been a very hard worker and admired by all that know him his entire life.

Recently, he has had a great group of relatives and friends who have gone out of their way, very generously, to help him with anything that he has needed. He wanted to thank and recognize each one of these people for not only delivering firewood to his home but also coming back and splitting/stacking the firewood they delivered.

Beehive has never asked for any help (part of being that hard worker) these fine people just show up with wood, drop it off and then show up, hop out of their rig, put gloves on and start splitting. A huge shout out and big thank you to Darrell Allen, Ross Bell, Rusty Green, Jack Morgan and Jay Hughes. Beehive wanted to let you all know how much he appreciates you.

And a big thank you from all of his family.

Angie Shaubach

Coos Bay