Stop negativity

It is not uncommon for any organization to experience internal strife, disagreements or friction. The Chetco Activity Center is no exception. However, the Curry Pilot’s reporting of this matter was greatly overblown with multiple front page reporting of very serious allegations by anonymous individual/s. This reporting has caused negative attitudes toward the center and some people are assuming that serious crimes are being committed here. More appropriate reporting should be made after a complete investigation has been completed and charges finalized. In a small community, such as ours, a short article on page 2 or 3 should be sufficient.

Whatever inappropriate action took place to warrant this reporting, nothing can be implemented without approval of the board members. Board members should have a complete knowledge and total understanding of the bylaws of the organization.

The Chetco Activity Center fills an important role in the community, such as companionship and nutritious meals to the elderly, community services and entertainment. The center is blessed with many hard working and dedicated volunteers. But financing is an ongoing problem. And it is a fact that prospective members are avoiding the center because of this negative publicity. Maybe instead of projecting negativity, we can all use our efforts to raise funds and hopefully find a grant writer, which we badly need.

Esperanza Jensen


Who to blame

How does Trump dare blame the Democrats for not giving him the wall when for the last two years Trump enjoyed the support of both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Even today with the government shutdown, the Republicans are in power. Why does he not get the funds for the wall from them? Maybe he should blame his Republican colleagues.

John Bischoff