Beautiful job

I wanted to send out a thank you to the city workers who did such a great job on the improvements to the Chetco Point trail.

We residents living here appreciate your efforts to continue to make Brookings one of the most beautiful cities on the Oregon Coast.

Lois Erstad


Trump’s fault

I’m getting sick and tired of no matter what happens or where it happens, the left howls “It’s Trump’s fault.” Case in point, the death of a 7-year-old girl at the New Mexico

border. A major city newspaper had a front page headline “7-year-old immigrant dies in Trump’s custody.”

There were a huge number of illegal immigrants that were apprehended at the New Mexico’s border. The first busload taken to Border Patrol headquarters were all unaccompanied children. The second bus took the girl and her father, at which time the father signed a statement that he and the girl were in good health.

On the way to headquarters, the father told Border Patrol officers his girl had a problem breathing and looked like she had a high temperature. They rushed her to a childrens hospital in El Paso where the girl died from severe dehydration and a severe infection.

The father took his child from Guatemala to the U.S. border, which involved crossing a 200-mile desert between Presidio, Mexico to Juarez, Mexico. It was established that the 7 year old did not have any food or water in this trek across the desert.

Don’t confuse the left with facts. It’s President Trump’s fault.

Andrew T. Ragan


Splitting hairs

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

We Christians believe that God created the chicken that lays the egg.

Is America, as a nation governed by a constitution and the law of the land, a democracy or a republic?

We’re a republic. Our pledge of allegiance and our founding fathers said so.

The writer that attempts to split hairs on this subject reminds me of the sore losers of our last presidential election who want the popular vote back. Democracy is like two wolves and a sheep deciding on what’s for dinner. Democracy is simply large cities with big appetites for more government, higher taxes, stricter regulations and a dream for open borders, socialism and an undermined and rewritten constitution. Democracy is those large liberal cities determining the way of life for the rest of the state and country with their views and beliefs, not ours. For example, our governor, with the stroke of a pen, declared Oregon a sanctuary state, in violation of federal law.

It’s time the people of the 541 are free of the 503.

Not one word is mentioned of a democracy in our Constitution or the Declaration of Independence.

Lou Costa


Report the news

We have received and read your newspaper since 1993. Up until the past couple of years we enjoyed your news articles and letters to the editor. The past two years you have changed your format to become more political, full of propaganda and is unfair.

In your policy, you state “avoid personal attacks.” Your letters to the editor are full of personal attacks to the Democrats in this county and that isn’t acceptable. The paper Dec. 26 had a cartoon showing the Democrats being happy with the (government) shutdown with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer laughing about this serious action. That is a total insult because I have to remind you that the shutdown was ordered by President Trump and he said the reason he wants the wall is because he wants it. The wall is not going to stop the drugs etc., they are entering through tunnels and other ways. Might also remind you that we have a Republican Senate and a Republican House as well as a Republican president.

At this time the Democrats are in the minority so if the Republicans can’t give the president what he wants don’t blame the Democrats. The president owns the wall and said he was proud to own it. I would suggest you take a breather and review what you print or you may start to lose some subscribers. Report the news and stay away from politics.

Marie Garcia


They don’t care

There are a few things the radical extremists should consider when they try to get rid of ICE and they get in the way of a wall being put up down at the Mexican border. ICE has arrested 160,000 illegal immigrants for criminal behavior this year alone. Some 54,630 have been convicted of drunk driving, 29,987 have been convicted of assault, 9,834 have been convicted of burglary, 4,423 have been convicted of robbery, 3,740 illegal immigrants have been convicted of sexual assaults in 2018, and 1,294 have been convicted of kidnapping.

ICE is heavily involved in trying to wipe out child sex trafficking but the Democrats persist in calling the ICE agents a bunch of Nazis. This type of rhetoric is both asinine and unamerican. Big shot Democrats like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi would be 100 percent for a wall if they truly cared about this country but they don’t.

Joe Thomas


Cutting out meat

With the glow of Christmas barely behind us, we look forward to the new year and the customary New Year’s resolutions: reduce social media, reduce weight, and, this year, reduce animal food consumption.

One third of consumers already report reducing their consumption of animal foods. Hundreds of school, college, hospital, and corporate cafeterias have embraced Meatless Monday. Even fast-food chains Chipotle, Denny’s, Panera, Subway, Taco Bell, White Castle are rolling out plant-based options.

A dozen start-ups, led by Beond Meat and Impossible Foods, are creating healthy, eco-friendly, compassionate, convenient, delicious plant-based meat and dairy products. Meat industry giants Tyson Foods, Cargill, and Canada’s Maple Leaf Foods have invested heavily in plant-based meat development. So have a number of Microsoft, Google, Twitter, and PayPal pioneers.

According to Plant-Based Foods Association, plant-based food sales have grown by 20 percent in the past year, 10 times the growth rate of all foods. Sales of plant-based cheeses, creamers, butter, yogurts, and ice creams are exploding at a 50 percent growth rate. Plant-based milks now account for 15 percent of the milk market.

The plant-based New Year’s resolution requires no sweat or deprivation — just some fun exploration of your favorite supermarket and food websites.

Carlton Caswell