Not a democracy

I never “described the mayor as ‘the boss.’” I did compare a private office to a government office only in terms of management/employee teamwork and top decision maker. I stated “boss does not equal tyrant” neither should public servant equal inept manager.

Dan Sherman suggested reading the Constitution, saying the U.S. is a democracy. Wrong. Read up on civics. Thankfully (the) U.S. is a republic. Citizens of a democracy have equal say in decisions, hence the majority could impose its choices on minorities, such as require and/or restrict religions. A republic has a constitution that protects certain inalienable rights of the people, that cannot be taken away by the government, even if elected by a majority. Both have free elections.

Remember the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag? “I pledge… and to the republic for which …”

Like U.S., cities also are representative governments/republics, not democracies.

Organizations usually cannot run efficiently as a democracy. I volunteered/served 15 years on condo board of directors, various offices, 4 1/2 years as president. I know first hand a group as small as 158 homeowners (small city similarity?) would not run efficiently as a democracy, resulting in chaos and nothing getting done. Duly elected officials chosen for the purpose of running the organization are essential to making good decisions. Yes, they get input and suggestions to consider. Then someone, or small group, need to make the decisions. Not democracy.

The writer brought up “autocracy” and North Korea, etc., in comparison with Brookings. Silly. Simply doesn’t compute. South Korea is a republic, also with the same three branches; not a democracy.

The mayor got council approval (checks and balances). Brookings citizens are involved enough the majority would never have voted for an incumbent they view as an emerging autocrat.

Marian Kron


Need stipulations

In regards to a to the purposed lodging tax, I am normally against any new taxes but this is something I would vote for with a couple of stipulations.

1. That the majority of the tax went to increase county law enforcement and expand the county jail.

2. That the tax should include RV parks and every RV space rented.

Too many people have move here and avoid paying property taxes, registering their recreational vehicles and yet get a free ride in not contributing to our tax base leaving the rest of us to pick up the tab for road, schools, fire and law enforcement that they also use.

Harold Bailey


Beware of thefts

I hope that this letter will serve as a vigilant alert to Brookings residents regarding the theft of mail from community mail boxes.

On Dec. 9, a resident from Krista Lane hand delivered to me three pieces of rain-soaked, opened mail that she found in her backyard where they had been thrown. The mail was postmarked Nov. 27 and Nov. 29.

My daughter went around to our neighbors on Jodee Lane to advise them of this problem. One neighbor had opened mail found on Dec. 3, missing the contents, one of which was a $500 check (stop payment was put on the check). Another neighbor reported to the police dropped trash bags new the community mailboxes. The trash was also found strewn around the adjacent piece of property. Apparently bank statements have been found on Hassett (the street below Jodee Lane).

There are things going on in our neighborhoods of which we are unaware until something personal happens to us.

The Brookings Police Department and the Brookings postmaster have been apprised of these problems.

Barbara Wieneke