Unwavering devotion

How low, how disloyal, how shamelessly political have we become in this country when a local Vietnam vet can refer to another combat veteran — a highly decorated Marine rifle platoon commander and Army Ranger, no less — as a “dirty cop”?

That is one man’s opinion, but here’s what the U.S. Marine Corps said about Robert Mueller when it awarded him the Bronze Star with Valor for his heroism at a place called Mutter’s Ridge 50 years ago this week:

“Second Lieutenant Mueller’s courage, aggressive initiative and unwavering devotion to duty at great personal risk were instrumental in the defeat of the enemy force and were in keeping with the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and of the United States Naval Service.”

Mueller subsequently demonstrated his courage again as he earned two Navy Commendation Medals, the Purple Heart and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry.

And in his “unwavering devotion to duty,” Mueller has spent most of the subsequent 50 years serving America as U.S. Attorney, Deputy Attorney General and FBI director — appointed to posts of national importance by Presidents Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama. His integrity has never been questioned.

Until now, that is, with Trump zealots slinging fatuous accusations at Mueller in defense of a draft evader (Heel spurs? Really?) now officially implicated in two felonies, with more surely to come.

Despite Trump’s best efforts to banish them, the principles of courage, honor and justice are still very much alive and well in this country, preserved by men and women like Robert Mueller. And against those principles, the corruption, cowardice and dishonor of this administration cannot survive.

There are handcuffs waiting for Trump, and when they are finally snapped on, this nation will have Mueller and many other dedicated servants of our justice system to thank for it.

Mike Gaynes


Not an autocracy

Marian Kron’s description of the mayor as “the boss” is what is called an autocracy. These types of governments generally exist in countries like Iran, Cuba, China and North Korea. However, in the United States of America we, supposedly, have a democracy. In this model “the people” are the boss and the president is considered a public servant. George Washington declined being king and set up our democracy instead, following the American Revolution against an autocracy — the English Crown.

Likewise, state, county and city governments are supposed to be models of the American system. That is, the mayor and the city council are all public servants. The city council is supposed to represent the wishes and needs of the people.

The mayor does have the authority to remove citizens from service with the approval of the council, but likewise, the mayor and the council can be removed by the people with their vote. It’s called checks and balances.

Most businesses are autocracies; however, the modern trend is going towards democratic management because it tends to be more profitable. A comparison of the economies of North and South Korea is a good example of autocracy vs. democracy.

Kron stated her opinion in a civil and intelligent manner; she is nonetheless incorrect in assuming that the mayor is the boss and that the city functions like a business. We the people are the boss. The city is a democracy, not a business.

Suggested reading: U.S. Constitution. It has a lot to say about the role of government and the rights of “we the people.”

Dan Sherman


Hatred a sickness

How can Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, Biden, Clinton and all of the Democrats in Congress support funding Border Security (wall) a few years ago and now completely reverse themselves and are adamantly against it? Have they not noticed the thousands of immigrants staged at the border and the hundreds climbing over and under the fences every day?

How can the left after two years continue to chant the Russia, Russia, Russia collusion/obstruction story when Mueller has found nothing associated with Trump? Yet Hillary and many in the FBI leadership actively worked with Russians to falsify documents and mislead the FISA Court to establish a fake investigation against the Trump Campaign?

How is its Gen. Michael Flynn can be so openly mistreated by the FBI (Comey) and no one is held to account?

How can left-leaning prosecutors, lawyers and Judges say Trump committed campaign violations by supporting his campaign with his own funds when the majority of sane legal minds (including Dershowitz) say it’s perfectly within the rights of the candidate?

I’ll tell you how. The liberals perverse hatred for one Donald J. Trump. It’s a sickness that is causing them to abandon their intellect for the singular pursuit of blind hatred. Hell, half of our population is becoming a brainless mob. No core values, no consistent positions, no ability to reason, no common sense and the blind rule of law has been replaced by an eyes wide open judgment based on your politics.

A perfect example, the New York AG, “I’m going to investigate Trump, his businesses, his family members and anyone who has ever worked for him.” This abuse of the law and abandonment of common principles and decency must stop before it’s too late.

Dee Tyson