By Connie Hunter

This time of the year, we know as the season of giving, we want to share a bit about how our food bank works together with our volunteers, staff and board members, to give back to our community members most in need. We would like to share some of the information that we feel will provide a better understanding of the food bank’s efforts to try to provide food security for our children, families, seniors and U.S. military veterans in Curry County.

B-H Food Bank

The food bank has been operating since 1994. Over the years, we have seen a steady increase in people using our services — monthly food boxes, daily counter-supplemental food in between the food boxes and our Snack Pack program for children 2 to 17 years old. Our program is donor based and we rely on our donors and community to help each month. Without the support from our community, there would be no services like these available to those in need.

In 2018, we are giving 300-350 food boxes on a monthly basis. Our clients are struggling families, small and large, struggling seniors and struggling veterans. We see an increase in need during emergencies like colder weather and higher utility bills in the winter.

Clients are giving one box of food monthly that supplies three to five days of food and our daily counter supplements that with daily foods we have in excess. We help upwards of 30-43 people daily, five days per week. The daily counter clients are those who need food to sustain them daily like our seniors and our veterans. Very few who use the daily counter are unhoused folks.

We have a snack pack program we started several years ago. We give out double snack packs to children 2-17 years of age every Friday for the weekend. We also give snack packs during the holiday, and summer breaks, and Monday through Friday when school is out. This program ensures these children will have something nutritious to eat every day.

In February 2018, we started a partnership with the Brookings Harbor High School Extended Day program to provide snacks for the students who are working after school to bring up their grades to passing. On average, we provide over 1,400 snacks monthly to the students during this afterschool program. We also provide 50 Double Snack Pack to students on Thursday each week to help over the weekend.

For more information regarding the Brookings-Harbor Community Helpers Food Bank, please call 541-469-6988 at 539 Hemlock St., Brookings (office hours are 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Monday through Friday), or visit our Facebook page or our website: www.brookingsharborfood