By Court Boice

Let the healing begin — a great time for Curry County.

I appreciated and am humbled with the opportunity to be heard by our local justice system. I’ve always felt that if I could simply present the facts to a court, truth and right would prevail. They did.

I wish to thank the judge who heard these cases, who from the onset recognized that the nature of the allegations and claims were political. He even used the words “potentially defamatory” and once stated they were “perhaps punitive.”

The judge also referenced that he had conducted substantial research in reviewing Oregon case law. He could not find another instance where a majority county commission board had filed a suit against another commissioner. Our other two on the board and new county administrator were terribly wrong and they have failed in their attempts to stop me from doing my job. The rulings were decisive.

Most citizens and I are deeply saddened that the terrible political posturing prevented the resolution of these matters in the proper place, the Curry Board of Commissioners meeting room, thus their quest to force into the courtroom. I feel vindicated by the judge’s decisions and am justified in my steadfast advocacy on behalf of the people. Now we can block the further waste of our very limited county resources.

I would like to add, this is not about me. It is, though, about doing what is best for my county, which has been horribly stagnated with a toxic environment fully in the past four years. I’m thankful to be able to further the work I was elected to do.

May I assure everyone, it doesn’t matter your political philosophy, what you believe, who you follow, or what you’ve heard; I represent each and all, and will remain most accessible.

What I stated during the Brookings Homeless Forum last Wednesday is my challenge. It is the TEA Principle — always doing our best to control our Thoughts, Emotions, and Attitudes. Then resolve to listen well. Every citizen is needed as a contributing part in order to help solve our very difficult problems.

I look forward to the New Year and sharing those responsibilities and long days with Commissioner-elect Christopher Paasch. We have an incredible number of important tasks ahead. I‘m anxious and enthused to continue my efforts and energy toward what is right for our citizens. This will of course include rebuilding our tarnished reputation locally and around Oregon. Brighter days ahead.

Thank You.


Court Boice is a Curry County Commissioner.