A word about election letters and forums

Letters to the editor concerning the Nov. 6 general election and/or candidates must be received no later than 5 p.m. Nov. 1. All such letters will be published by Nov. 3.

— Robin Fornoff


Proven leadership

Curry County needs proven leaders to restore financial stability. With the proper leadership, the county can and will thrive. I am voting for Jeri Lynn Thompson. She is a tribal leader of Tolowa Dee-ni’ nation, responsible for finances and operations. She also has a strong understanding of forest fires and management, a very challenging aspect of life in Curry County in 2018.

Chris Paasch, her opponent, has campaigned on his business experience and his Dreams, Fatih, Hope Foundation work with disadvantaged children. The DFHF website tells of how Chris and his wife, Bonnie, had this dream, found the ranch in Curry County, and almost immediately their horses started winning lots of races and then a well-built grey 2-year-old filly won the biggest race in the world for fillies.

Per Chris Paasch’s recent Facebook post this single winning was over $7 million and he was able to sell other winning horses for around $1 million each. The Paasch’s dreams were possible. That was 12 years ago.

The DFHF as of 2016 tax return was providing services for 20 to 30 children a week. At the LWV candidate forum on Oct. 2 in Gold Beach, Chris Paasch said that they were currently having four to five events a year. That is 90 percent less activity than 2016.

Bonnie recently said they need volunteers for the DFHF so they can do more. Their ranch has been for sale since 2017 for $3.5 million. The Paaschs had the best intentions, but even with millions and all the best intentions, their foundation appears to be in trouble, which is very sad for them and Curry County. We need leadership that has a track record of good financial and operational management. The facts lead me to vote for Thompson.

Les Goodrich


Chetco Not Tolowa

In response to an article in the Pilot Oct. 27, titled “homeless issues converge, ” it would be nice if I, or anybody else, could solve this homeless issue and put it to rest, but I can’t. I can however, put to rest a particular issue that did surface and present itself, regarding the original inhabitants of the Chetco valley.

Skylar Windham was heard saying that he was a member of the Tolowa Dee-ni’ nation and that the area at the Chetco Memorial site is part of their historical heritage. Since when? I guess if you repeat a lie long enough it becomes truth in your own mind. If young Windham likes facts, here are a few.

When the first settlers came into the Chetco Valley, they came upon a Chetco village, not a Tolowa village. Amelia Van Pelt, who married Thomas, was not Tolowa. Lucy Dick was born in the Chetco Valley at the village site, survived the march north to the Siletz reservation, only to return home to her beloved Chetco Valley and pass away in 1940 as the last full-blooded Chetco Indian, not Tolowa.

Smith River Rancheria has no legal jurisdiction north of the border; never has, never will. Oregon statutes recognize a relationship with and only with the nine federally recognized tribes named in Oregon Statutes, and the Chetcos are a part of the confederated tribes of Siletz, one of the nine recognized tribes. Smith River Rancheria, Elk Valley Rancheria, or Tolowa Dee-ni’ nation, is not on that list.

The Chetco Indian Memorial is there to remind visitors of the history of the original inhabitants of this great little valley that we have, and the name says it all. As bad as some want, Windham, you just can’t change factual history. Please refrain from making reckless and dishonest claims about Chetco Indian native land belonging to Tolowa, especially for political gain.

Milo Mann

Vice president Chetco Indian Memorial

Holiday trains

The Stout Mountain Railway Club is getting ready for our annual Holiday train set up. This year’s theme is Toys in Trainland. We’ll have layouts in G, S, O, ON30, HO, N, and Z scales.

It’s a lot of work and a lot of fun. We’ll be funning 1 p.m.-5 p.m. Nov. 15-Dec. 7.

Volunteers are welcome. We open to the public Dec. 8 and run daily 1 p.m.- 5 p.m. through Dec. 24. We are grateful to the owners and merchants of the Brookings-Harbor Shopping Center for providing such a great place to play. As always admission is free.

Tony Parrish

Stout Mountain Railway Club

Fresh vision

Teresa Lawson is a candidate who brings clear eyes, fresh vision and dynamic vigor to the Brookings’ mayoral race. Her vision includes proposals for affordable housing, improved health care, a civic auditorium and an indoor pool — ideas that would benefit all of Brookings’ residents.

Lawson’s goal is to be a mayor for everybody. She listens to everyone who is willing to talk to her and is responsive to questions via her website. She plans to balance citizens’ wishes with financial responsibilities, while preserving the infrastructure and safety of our community.

Lawson’s community involvement isn’t just a pastime, but rather it’s the primary focus and the organizing principle of her life in Brookings. For example, she is an active member of the City of Brookings Budget Committee, and she has attended many of the City Council meetings. She

also is the president of the Azalea Park Foundation, which has been revitalized in the last year under her leadership. Lawson has recruited an enthusiastic board who have restored four of the formal garden areas and provided much needed care to the native azaleas.

If elected mayor, Lawson plans to actively recruit highly qualified members to fill all vacancies on city advisory committees, and then encourage all members to ask questions and express valid concerns. She will make sure that all issues are fully explored before important decisions are made.

Furthermore, Lawson is the best candidate to address serious financial issues like the proposed $10.9 million loan that the City of Brookings will be considering very soon. Her advanced education, professional qualifications, prior committee experience, impressive work history and her can-do attitude uniquely qualify Lawson as the best choice for mayor of Brookings.

Sandy Cady


Respect community

Due to the recent ruling of the 9th Circuit (U.S.) Court of Appeals in (a case about) Boise, Idaho, we have experienced an uptick of homeless people making camps all over Brookings and Harbor.

This ruling may be a blessing to homeless people but the judge didn’t say throw all civility, respect and etiquette out the window.

Brookings is a small, tight-knit community with respect for our friends and neighbors. If a policeman, business owner or a librarian asks if you would please not set your camp up here, it’s not a bad thing to be respectful and move it elsewhere. The local homeless people for years have made their camps the best they could “out of sight, out of mind.”

If you are totally bent on coming here and demanding your ways, it’s not very becoming. It’s a small town. You’re better off making friends, not enemies. If you want to be disrespectful, there are many places that invite and encourage incivility, i.e., San Francisco, Portland, south Chicago and Los Angeles to name a few. Maybe even the courthouse in Boise is a great campsite?

Please show respect to our community and the local homeless people. It’s really not that hard. In fact, it’s kind.

Richard Hebert


Casting stones

I am so proud of my Brother-In-Law and candidate for Curry County Commissioner Christopher Paasch. He has logged many hours attending CCC and Port of Brookings Harbor meetings and countless hours at home researching solutions to the problems the county faces. He has endured an evil and spiteful campaign while keeping the moral high ground.

Supporters of his opponent have filled Curry News and Views with innuendos, lies and half-truths and even personal attacks on himself and Dreams Hope and Faith Foundation (DHF). DHF is a 501c3 foundation for troubled youth, which had long been a dream of my sister. Chris has extensively funded DHF out of his own pocket as expenses far exceed the donations.

Wouldn’t it be nice if a candidate could run based on their platform, qualifications, and character? People from his opponent’s camp are biting at his heels like rabid dogs and searching hard for any chink in his armor and are now all over a juvenile offense which occurred 44 years ago. How many people could honestly say they did not do anything they regret as a young adult? Jesus said, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone…” John8:7 (KJV).

Chris served his time at Goldsburo Youth Center and was released approximately 13 months later for good behavior. This hard life lesson redirected him into the hard working, industrious man he is today. Even after a long battle with a life-threatening cancer, he refused to take disability as his doctors recommended. He wanted to work and his perseverance rewarded him with accomplishments few people could achieve. I know if elected he will work hard and do all within his means to improve the future of Curry County.

Connie Lord

Gold Beach

Say no to hard left

Concerning a letter submitted to The Pilot Oct. 27, the writer attempts to smooth over the Indivisible 97415 group’s agenda. She conveniently left out that they also carry signs of hatred for our elected president in their marches. Signs that clearly say “Not Our President” and “Resist.”

Resist what? A strong economy and lowest unemployment in the last 50-plus years? She, Teresa Lawson and Dennis Triglia are of the Indivisible group and would like us to believe that by adding our zip code behind Indivisible they are different from the nationwide radical Indivisible group, paid for and sponsored by George Soros. They appear to share the same “Resist The Trump Agenda” platform. If it looks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, then its most likely the same old duck.

Say no to progressive hard-left democrats.

Jerry Miller


Not twins

Did you know Teresa Lawson, who is running for the mayor of Brookings, is the treasurer of the Curry County Democrats?

There is a difference between inclusive and exclusive? And they are not twins.

Well kids here’s the story. Over 100 years ago, Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story made it quite clear that U.S. citizenship was exclusive. It was special, it was precious, it was earned and deserved, and you had to qualify for it. On the other hand, something inclusive has no value. It is passed out free to anyone, (any country or planet) and is not qualified for, not earned, vetted or deserved. He was justice of the U.S. Supreme Court 1811-1845. Story wrote “Commentaries on the Constitution” 3-1098-99 in 1833. He was concerned that if aliens might be admitted indiscriminately to enjoy all the rights of citizens at the will of a single state, the union might itself be endangered by an influx of foreigners, hostile to its institutions, ignorant of its powers, and incapable of a due estimate of its privileges. It follows from the very nature of the power, that to be useful, it must be exclusive for a concurrent power in the states would bring back all the evils and embarrassments, which the Uniform Rule of Naturalization of the United States Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, was designed to remedy. This power must necessarily be exclusive said Joseph Story “because, if each state had power to prescribe a distinct rule there could be no uniform rule.

And that, as they say, is the rest of the story.

James Soderman


Conflict of Interest?

Is it just me or do you see a conflict of interest? Jeri Thompson is on the Tolowa board in Del Norte County and running for Curry County Commissioner. The Tolowa Tribe is not an Oregon Tribe, but they have been trying for at least seven years to get a toe-hold in southern Oregon as an Oregon Tribe.

Vote for Christopher Paasch, we know where his heart is and he has no hidden agenda.

Sandra Ensley


Homeless v. vagrants

There has been a avalanche of news articles and complaints concerning the explosion of the homeless in Brookings and Harbor. The problem is that besides the homeless from our local area we have attracted a large number of vagrants from out of the area.

I am using the term vagrant to describe the people that are disguising the fact that they are not really homeless, never stay in one place for long, are begging, and illegally living or carrying out illegal acts. They are fakes and are using fraudulent and unethical ways to take advantage of the present laws and the good Samaritans in the community. They are making it difficult for us to address and help the real homeless and mentally challenged.

We have always had some homeless people around Brookings and Harbor. They were usually friendly, respect the law and were for the most part trying to improve their situation by working or doing odd jobs. These were the homeless people that the churches and the Homeless Coalition were trying to help with free meals and material items.

Things have gotten out of hand. The out-of-town vagrants, have no respect for the law, private or personal property, health codes, other peoples rights. They are stealing from our local businesses and residences. They are adding nothing to the welfare of our community, are taking advantage of the truly homeless persons predicaments, and are using the ruling made by a San Francisco federal court to their advantage. It’s a shame that we are lumping these vagrants and the real homeless person under what has become a derogatory term: homeless people.

It is going to be up to us to take our town and county back from the few causing the problem. It will take all of us. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. We need to change the present laws and rulings. Write your state and county representatives, your congressman, and your governor. Request that they have the state attorney general petition the federal courts or Supreme Court to change the lower court’s ruling.

Gary Hartung



Probably, Democrats will take control of the House and Republicans will keep control of the Senate. If this happens, what strategies would be best for America?

The House could impeach President Trump. However, it is unlikely the Senate would remove him from office.

The House could pass a bill enabling single-payer health care for all Americans, similar to Medicare. The Senate would not support the bill for fear of losing funding from the health care industry.

The House could pass a bill clarifying the status of undocumented immigrants. This would die in the Senate because Republicans cannot admit they have failed to address this issue.

The House could pass a bill shifting income tax cuts from the wealthy to middle-income people. This would fail in the Senate because Republicans would fear losing their wealthy donors.

The House could pass a bill protecting environmental regulations. This would fail in the Senate because businesses want to rollback regulations in order to reduce their operating expenses, and they have little concern for consequences in the distant future.

In fact, it is unlikely anything positive for America will be enacted. Instead, Congress should focus on limiting the damage Trump can do.

The speaker of the House and the Senate majority leader should meet privately. They should agree that the House will not send anything to the Senate that is likely to fail. They should also agree that Trump’s ability to use military force or impose tariffs should be curtailed.

The use of military force should require the approval of both houses of Congress. The massive use of military force should require a declaration of war.

Trump has declared national security as the justification for imposing tariffs, without proof. Tariffs should be imposed only with the advice and consent of the Senate.

Leonard Azar


Out of control

For all those people that want a sanctuary city or state (pick your candidate wisely) please post your address so the rest of us can send the illegal, drug running, DUII, murdering, law breaking aliens to your place. When they are out of control, it will be nice to know we won’t have to waste our tax dollars on sending our law enforcement (Measure 105) to help you. Nice to know you have everything under control. Congress status quo not working.

Bernard Banta