A word about election letters and forums

Letters to the editor concerning the Nov. 6 general election and/or candidates must be received no later than 5 p.m. Nov. 1. All such letters will be published by Nov. 3.

— Robin Fornoff


Vote for Lawson

A portion of the Brookings population is well served by a few apartment complexes that are subsidized — built and managed by people who receive a tax credit. Some tenants also receive the benefit of subsidies from rural development funds allocated by the federal agriculture department.

Housing prices rise as people with the power to purchase a home discover Brookings, but the working singles and young families have few choices in the rental market and none at all if they want to buy.

Providing affordable rental properties is a necessity in our community where tenant rent is based on qualifications and income. Affordable housing does not create slums, landlords do. Well run and maintained properties benefit the town, offering a leg up the ladder to young families and a comfortable and safe environment for retired folks.

The waiting list for the existing properties is enormous. There is a need and we need to fill it.

This situation has been neglected for too long. It is time for real action before more people are forced to move out of the area. Teresa Lawson understands the housing issues facing Brookings and she will be a mayor who works hard for all the needs of our citizens. A vote for Teresa Lawson is a vote for Brookings.

Shirley Hyatt


Root of terrorism

The pipe bomb incident has been called an act of terrorism. No one wants America to be torn apart by terrorism. Can it be stopped?

The root cause of terrorism is not that some people are good and some people are bad, and the bad people want to hurt the good people. Who has the right to judge?

The root cause of terrorism is that people on the bottom are denied a voice, and must raise their voice to be heard, oftentimes to the point of violence.

One of our unalienable rights granted to us by our creator is to have a voice in our government. Being denied a voice is a power game that is oppressive to the people. People rise in protest, but their voices are not heard.

Last November, I sent a letter to the U.S. Supreme Court to explain how there is a misunderstanding in our legal system that allows our government to constitutionally justify playing power games that are oppressive to the people. Many people see only constitutional law and federal law but leave out God’s law, which is where we get our unalienable rights. “We are endowed by our Creator...”

I have been sending my letter to support organizations that are fighting oppression in the courts, and at his last town hall meeting, I stood up and told Congressman Peter DeFazio about this misunderstanding. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is once again becoming the law of the land.

Karen Holmes


A perspective

As a member of our local Indivisible 97415 group, I want to describe our genesis and share some highlights of our community work.

We came together after the first Women’s March in Brookings. We didn’t want to lose sight of each other, given that we were surprised and delighted to know that over 200 of us had marched in Brookings for our beliefs, mainly around human rights, social justice, and equity.

We developed a mission statement to guide our work:

We are as diverse as our Earth, seeking common ground as we educate, advocate and promote civil dialogue about human rights, social justice, and environmental issues. United, we are indivisible.

We strive to live up to these ideals as we interact with our local community.

We participate in volunteer committees and activities according to our own backgrounds and interests. Some of us have lived here for decades, some of us are more recent arrivals. All of us love living here, striving to work for the benefit of Brookings.

We are active voices in local Facebook forums, engaging in and modeling civil discourse. We work in Azalea formal gardens, and in efforts such as SOLVE beach clean up. We participate in fundraisers to support local groups. We raise money for local individuals and causes. We write letters, engage local media, and advocate. We see these roles as endeavors in which we should all be engaged. This is what informed and caring citizens do for and with their communities and this is who we are.

We live in divisive and troubling times; things get heated, insulting memes, flyers, and letters distributing mischaracterizations and misinformation are all rampant. Please remember that we are neighbors who share many values, and should have the capacity to respect our differences.

Maria Sudduth


Keep cats indoors

In today’s paper (Oct.24) the South Coast Humane Society has an ad for the “Pet of the Week” showing a male cat that would be “a purr-fect outdoor cat.” This is a terrible suggestion.

Outdoor cats kill billions of our native birds each year. Outdoor cats are the worst killers of our wildlife, birds, native mice, rabbits and baby animals. All are killed each year by irresponsible owners’ outdoor cats.

The animal shelter will not take in outdoor cats that are live trapped, they must be released again. This is crazy. Outdoor cats are in danger of being maimed or killed by cars, trucks, hawks, eagles, dogs, raccoons, diseases and angry people with kill traps, guns or poison.

We need laws that make it illegal to let your cat roam loose to kill our wildlife. We should be allowed to live trap the cat, unharmed, and take it to the shelter so the owner can pay a fine and pick it up and, hopefully, keep it indoors where it will be safe.

If you love your cat, please keep it indoors.

Sheila Chambers



October is Agent Orange Awareness month. In loving memory of Dennis Shannon, previous president of VVA Chapter 757, tell Congress (again) to add renal cell carcinoma to the AO presumptive illness list.

This week another local veteran took his life. Please, people who are caught up in pettiness and dividing, time to knock it off. People are lost because of the torn holes in our community safety net. Build rather than tear down.

VA Healthcare Summit 2.0: we accomplished what we set out to do, spotlighted whole person/whole community narrative and had the VA’s ear whether they liked it or not. But I need to correct a mistake. Brookings’ City Manager did not get properly recognized at the Summit. To Janell Howard, we are grateful that you have a heart for veterans and demonstrated that by coming out to this citizen-driven event. Thank you.

Skip Hunter’s recent letter used info from the Pilot website that was incorrect. Although a correction was submitted, the corrected version was not printed. Correction: Hedenskog served two years as an inductee (active duty, 69-71). The military provides character-building, real-world experience, leadership training, and many other transferable skills. Beyond that Hedenskog has two years of formal education from SOU in Ashland, plus specialized training to become a surveyor. Two votes from the Hunters.

Connie Hunter


Thank you BHEF

On behalf of the students enrolled in YTP Exploring Careers, I would like to thank the Brookings-Harbor Education Foundation for their generous donation of $200. Several students in this class will be using these funds to purchase items needed to complete their Extended Application Projects to meet their graduation requirements in the area of career planning and development.

Some of the items purchased included batteries for cameras needed for photography projects, hydroponic and aquaponic supplies for produce production, and 3D printing filament for a biomechanical engineering project.

Project-based learning is exciting yet expensive and the funds donated by the Education Foundation are extremely helpful in covering the costs needed. For many of the students in the class, this was their first experience with budget and grant writing.

Thank you Brookings-Harbor Education Foundation for making this all possible.

Michelle Prudden


Intent of M106

Most of the arguments against Measure 106 in the Voters Pamphlet state the need for “the full range of reproductive health care.” What is that?

To reproduce (reproduction) is a cyclic action like to open, to close, to stop or to kill. By nature, these actions, unlike non-cyclic actions (run, play, sing, and dance), can’t be extended and we can only say they have happened when completed. I might say, “My wife and I slept together and produced (reproduced) a child,” but never say, “we began to produce a child.” (Read more in William Bull’s Spanish for Communication, Level Three, page 13).

Abortion destroys what has already been (re)produced. For many, this destruction fits the definition of murder — the intentional killing of an innocent human being. The intent of Measure 106 is to free taxpayers from the agonizing burden of being forced to pay for this destruction. Not even in the now-embarrassing days of slavery were those who knew it to be evil forced to pay for it. That fell to the slave owners.

The measure is not intended to exclude a dime from reproductive care. To say or imply so seems misleading at best and at worst, deceptive. Furthermore, even allowing for this broad meaning of reproductive health care, much evidence shows that abortion has negative health consequences for the woman. It is fatal for the child.

Ed Kelly


Beware of scam

Wise people beware. There is a telephone scam that targets mostly senior citizens coming. They state that they monitor your credit card activity.

When I confronted the caller (with a Middle Eastern voice), I asked him what cards “they” were monitoring. He said VISA and Master Card. I asked him what providers were the cards from. and he said just VISA and MasterCard. I asked him the last four numbers on the account and he could not give them.

Scam! Give them no information because this group will access your account. Hang up and report the attempt to local law enforcement.

Don’t fall for this scam.

Paul Hofbauer

Gold Beach

Character counts

Was reading thru an impressive list of accomplishments for Teresa Lawson, whose running for mayor.

Then I remembered that Lawson was the publicity chair and one of the coordinators for the 2017 Women’s March.

On Womensmarch.com one of their main goals is to stand for ending violence. They say, “women deserve to live full and healthy lives, free of all forms of violence against our bodies.”

And then, under reproductive rights, they say, “we believe in reproductive freedom. We do not accept any federal, state or local rollbacks, cuts or restrictions on our ability to access quality reproductive healthcare services. … This means open access to safe, legal, affordable abortion, etc.”

Safe abortion? Certainly not for the baby. And as for deserving to live life full and free of all forms of violence against our bodies. Again, not for the most innocent and defenseless of all, the unborn. Abortion is exactly that, violence of the worst kind.

Pure hypocrisy. Character counts.

Vote Jake Pieper for mayor.

Nancy Myer



In the Oct. 17 issue of the Pilot’s Letters a writer was saddened that the Pilot is, “...complicit in spreading lies.” This stemmed from a letter from a previous writer who stated something that was seen as untrue by the current writer. Because the Pilot printed the letter they were accused of being “complicit.”

This angry writer should remember that letters to the editor are opinion pieces. People write all kinds of information that, if a reader wishes to do so, can independently verify the accuracy. A newspaper printing an opinion should not be required to fact check each letter. I suggest to do so would result in the end of the letters to the editor section, as facts seem to vary depending on which side of the aisle you reside.

On Aug. 7, Sen. Jeff Merkley wrote an opinion piece about Justice (Brett) Kavanaugh that was full of inaccuracies, which were his opinion but presented as facts. Was he lying? Is the Pilot now “complicit” because this senator thought our democracy would end if Kavanaugh were to be confirmed? Of course not. I didn’t agree with Merkley’s obviously politically motivated beliefs, but I certainly agree he had the right to express them, flawed as they might be.

To the saddened writer, keep doing your research when you see something that doesn’t seem right. If we all did more of that we’d certainly be a better-informed electorate.

To the Pilot staff, thanks for giving both sides a forum to express ourselves.

Mike Wiley


Offering award

Soroptimists International is a women’s service club that is a nondenominational and nonpolitical organization advocating human rights and improving the status of women.

Our local club has made a difference for local women for more than 60 years. Our members organize and support many programs such as Girl of the Month awards to high school students, scholarship awards, an annual community baby shower benefiting newborn babies and parents, and support various local non-profits.

This year we are pleased to offer a Live your Dream award offering women needed resources to further their education, skills and employment prospects. Applications can be found online at: https://www.soroptimist.org/our-work/live-your-dream-awards/index.html

One of our largest fundraisers is the sale of wreaths for the holiday season. This year, we are offering fresh locally made 18-inch wreaths for $30 and 25-inch wreaths for $45. You can preorder your wreaths for early December delivery to your home or business by contacting any of our members or calling me at 541-412-0244.

We hope to rely on your continuing support and we always welcome new members who also want to make a difference for women.

Vikki Nuss

Soroptimist member