Codes ignored

Driving through Gold Beach, there are reminders to vote for upcoming city council candidates. I’m also reminded of the ineffectiveness of many past and present city council members, and, yet a constant hope for positive change.

The city has written a very specific set of property codes that have been totally ignored, disregarded, and violated for years. Gold Beach’s Mateer Road has many nice homes that express both hard work and pride of ownership. It also has two long-abandoned pieces of property that attract large and small rodents, enables future fire hazards, and have been frequented by vagrants and thieves.

These uninhabitable and dangerous home sites have been left to waste without any indication of city code enforcement. I’ll always hope for a better future. So far, the city, it’s councilors and paid employees have done absolutely nothing to rectify this ongoing and very serious issue.

Clayton Johnson

Gold Beach

Facts matter

Sadly, yet again, the Pilot is complicit in spreading lies. A recent letter to the editor supporting Brett Kavanaugh said Kavanaugh’s “Accuser Dr. Blasey Ford is co-author of over eight papers produced by pharmaceutical giant Concept Therapeutics to promote abortion pills.”

That’s a lie. Check it. You’ll see immediately that it gets a “pants on fire” rating. But it’s being given credence, because it’s published in the paper. That’s the way lies spread.

I get that we live in segregated times. I get that there is very little trust between conservatives and progressives. And I’m well aware that these kinds of ugly messages, targeting hot button topics, are created to fuel mistrust.

I also get that anti-abortion activists want to promote their agenda. But this isn’t a football game and using lies to help your team win doesn’t serve anyone. This lie was simply designed to hurt. And it’s doing a great job.

On the local front, another writer in the same issue claimed that if Dennis “Trigila is elected, Brookings could become a cesspool, property values would plummet and the load on our local law enforcement and judicial system would be overwhelming.”

Seriously? Triglia has been serving on the city council for the past three years. Highly doubtful that if he keeps his seat on the city council it means the end of the world as we know it.

The writer also says “Trigila stated that he wants to help the homeless and less-fortunate residents of Brookings” like it was a bad thing. Stunning to me that helping those less fortunate can possibly be perceived as a negative.

So, I say good for Dennis Triglia. He acts with Christian values. We need more elected officials who act with kindness and compassion. He has my vote.

Lori Gallo-Stoddard


Must be unbiased

Just for a moment, let’s say Kavanaugh is not guilty of attempted rape and that he is not an alcoholic. But, listen again to his recent tirade and you will hear clearly that he blamed Hillary Clinton and the Democrats for his problems. It is my judgement that this man is not fit to serve as he has adopted the line spewed by the president who still blames Hillary for everything he doesn’t like.

These men are not grownups. They are emotionally unfit to govern and judge others because, above all else, they display themselves as victims. Leaders do not sniffle and rant and blame others, they rise to the task and, clear eyed and unbiased, are capable of presenting a fair assessment in any situation in which they must act.

Kavanaugh is a stated Republican. I used to believe judges were unbiased and therefore not bound by an ideology. I see that is no longer true. As Trump would say, sad.

Shirley Hyatt


Award funding

It is with great gratitude and appreciation I write this letter in support of the Brookings-Harbor Education Foundation. For a third year they are funding awards for first, second, and third place winners in our Oregon Battle of the Books competition. This will allow winners in all three of our district schools to be recognized for their outstanding dedication to reading and team collaboration.

Winners will advance to the Oregon Regional Competition in March, battling against winning teams from five other Oregon counties. The foundation’s support of this reading program and numerous other teacher grant requests is a tremendous reflection of this community’s support for our school district and those working to enhance students’ educational growth. Thanks, BHEF for making this possible. We are deeply appreciative.

Patty Clark

District Librarian

No evidence

I would have to agree with letter in the Oct. 6 edition of the paper. Most Democrats are not members of a socialist conspiracy. A conspiracy implies intelligence, planning and a unity of purpose. I see no evidence that the majority of the flock is capable of attaining those qualities.

Kenneth Swanson


Suiting the purpose

So...another" class="auto" target="_blank">class="s1">So...another diatribe on moralism. While “Bring Back Morality” spends a lot of column-inches extolling the virtues of Justice Kavanaugh, there are included therein many interesting opinions about what constitutes the opposite of “bringing back morality.” There are a number of apparent opinions about groups that are sometimes referred to as progressives or liberals. Are they the same? Are progressives those who believe in evolution “from monkeys,” but “liberals believe evolution is science...”? Huh? What does that even mean?

The statement in that letter that “progressives believe man evolved from monkeys” is only true if the letter writer’s definition of progressives is some anti-science group having a humorous jab at those who cannot accept DNA, and especially mitochondrial, evidence.

Evolutionary evidence is that monkeys and apes have a completely separate evolutionary branch or path from homo sapiens. We can only assume that claiming progressives believe homo sapiens are evolved from monkeys is an act of purposeful deceit, or it is simply the result of ignorance. Ignorance is one thing, but a deceitful attribution seems contrary to the subject of “Bring Back Morality.”

As I understand it, modern science concerning evolution makes use of DNA, particularly mitochondrial DNA (that is, through the mother’s bloodlines). As such, I suspect that most who have looked into this matter would agree with the letter writer’s statement that “liberals believe that evolution is science...” You bet. The science surrounding DNA is thankfully so well established that our justice system makes “liberal” (sorry) use of it in the conviction of murderers and rapists.

Although no one is likely to change their opinions about science or evolution from either the above or from “Bring Back Morality,” it is certainly my opinion that making use of a branch of science when it suits our purposes, but rejecting findings from that science when we don’t like those findings is intellectually indefensible.

Gerard Thibeault


Just deal with it

Never had a thought that parking my motorhome at the library might be threatening to a family. Sorry about that. Since it is my only vehicle I park it all over Brookings and Harbor when I am out and about.

Maybe the person upset with the motorhomes could find a way to provide housing for the motorhome people. That way they would not be parking on the streets or at the library.

Have not read anything in the police reports about any problems with the motorhome people. So, maybe the upset person should, as we say, just deal with it, until he can come up with some kind of a legal solution.

Doris Westoby


RV Tax?

Curry county is overrun with abandoned RVs. It is often impossible for law enforcement to find the person responsible for the unit in question. The county does not have the funds to remedy this situation, and we all suffer for that lack.

To correct the problem, I suggest a new countywide RV tax. Under this proposal if you buy an RV, rent a spot for an RV, repair or rent an RV, fuel a vehicle pulling an RV or sell an RV, you pay a small uniform tax to the county.

This money would pay for the removal and disposal of all abandoned RVs in the county.

We can not sit by idly while our beautiful county is trashed.

Act now.

Patrick McArthur


Too salty

Last week my tap water was not good at 300 ppm but today, Oct. 15, it’s terrible at 978 ppm. This is too salty.

We can’t drink this, we can’t water our plants, give water to our pets or run hot water as salty water will ruin the hot water tank. Do not drink Harbor tap water. If unlike me you didn’t save Harbor tap water while it was good, you will now have to buy bottled water to drink.

You can get fresh water for your plants from the river upstream from the port, the water on top of the river will be fresh as salt water is denser and will come in along the river bottom and under the gravel bed where it was taken up by Harbor’s water intake valve and piped into our homes.

You cannot filter out salt from the water, it has to be distilled out or you would have to use reverse osmosis and that’s not available here.

Don’t use Harbor tap water until after the fall rains have flushed out the salt.

Sheila Chambers