Voting important

I am encouraging all believers in your Second Amendment rights to get out and vote in November. This will be a pivotal time in the future of not only the State of Oregon, but the nation.

It makes no difference which party you support or if you are independent. If you’re a hunter, sport or target shooter or just want to protect yourself and your loved ones, please have your say. There are forces that are coming after your Second Amendment rights and want to highly modify them or take them away completely. It will happen.

You have a choice in how you want to live your life and what kind of government you want. Read your voter pamphlets. The NRA has published a list of all Oregon senators and representatives that support the Second Amendment online, please go look. Vote.

David Bergmann


Insightful forum

The Oct. 2 League of Women’s Voter’s forum was insightful for comparing candidates Christopher Paasch and Jeri Lynn Thompson.

Thompson ( is a local candidate who appears to be well qualified and has a lengthy and verifiable list of public service accomplishments in Curry County and on the national level on behalf of the Tolowa Tribal Council.

Paasch ( , a founding director of the Dreams Hopes and Faith Foundation ( has lived in Curry County for approximately 12 years. His credits include a charity for troubled youth, but the website suggests more of a ministry. When questioned about his foundation and the lack of available information on its website since 2016, he responded that they’ve had some technical issues with the website and that his wife would know more about it than he would. He then added that they had several children out just two weeks earlier. Really?

Additionally, I have heard Paasch speak on several other occasions. His additional claims of being retired from a successful career on Wall Street, starting multiple successful businesses are too quickly glossed over without specifics, leaving voters little ability for verification. His solutions to county budgets and deficits are unsatisfactory. Specifically, he indicated that he thought privatizing the port and fairgrounds would be a good idea and suggested inviting private businesses into Gold Beach to make them more efficient.

I can’t agree that there’ll be any quick and easy fix by relying on private business. This leaves me questioning his judgment and business acumen.

Unlike Thompson, he seems to lack any specific public service experience. Therefore, I’m unable to consider him for such an important position as county commissioner. His lack of applicable and verifiable experience isn’t adequate preparation for the important position he is seeking.

Tom Gibbon

Gold Beach

Retain Triglia

I firmly believe that Dennis Triglia should retain his seat No. 4 on the Brookings City Council and that Teresa Lawson should be elected mayor of Brookings.

I attended the League of Women Voters Candidate Forum at the Chetco Library, have read all the candidates’ statements in the Pilot and have been paying rapt attention to the issues.

After the forum at the library, I asked candidate Ron Hedenskog why he was running for Triglia’s council seat No. 4. His reply was “It’s my old seat. I liked it. I want it back.”

Hedenskog’s non-statements in the Pilot and during the forum revealed a deep sense of entitlement and a self-serving agenda. Should a candidate get our vote because it’s “not his first rodeo,” and he found retirement “not all it’s cracked up to be...”?

Mayor Jake Pieper played a starring role in keeping the Good Old Boys Club in control when he recruited Hedenskog for Roger Thompson’s vacant seat No. 3. Now they want to oust Triglia who has built his reputation as an exceptionally capable, revered and trusted public servant who cares deeply about what all the town’s citizens want rather than the entrenched will of the council.

Speaking of Pieper, with all due respect for his years of community service, his performance at the forum was underwhelming. His comment, “I don’t know how much longer I’ll do this…” spoke volumes — especially when contrasted to his impassioned opponent, Lawson. Headlines are screaming about the affordable housing crisis, the homelessness issue and other dire concerns that the council has simply not addressed. As mayor of Brookings, Lawson will bring unparalleled fiscal responsibility and a fierce determination to listen to and to serve the citizens of Brookings.

Vote for Triglia and Lawson.

Rose Mantle


Band together

I’m responding to the letter on no RVs. Most of us in our community agree with you on your letter.

Trying to walk into the library we are approached by the transients begging for money. Please stop giving these individuals money. They buy alcohol, pot and other drugs. They receive a free lunch everyday by individual churches throughout our community. Our kind food bank every day issues food to all these individuals.

We see them on the streets constantly drinking alcohol and drunk. Our city councils need to step up to the plate on this issue and pass an ordinance on no loitering and limited the parking time.

It’s election time, let’s see which elected officials stand up and protect our community. Please community, let’s band together and take our home back.

June Podesta


Donations needed

Donations of new or like-new items will be collected for the 13th Annual Kids Mall on Oct. 27, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. in the parking lot in front of Gold Beach High School on Ellensburg Avenue.

Kids Mall is an affordable holiday shopping experience for the children of Gold Beach who might not otherwise be able to buy presents for their family. Grade-school through middle-school aged kids are provided the opportunity to buy new or like-new items for their moms, dads, brothers, sisters, and grandparents for 25 cents per gift.

There is usually a shortage of grandpa and dad gifts at Kids Mall. Tools, baseball caps, fishing tackle, storage trays with lids, wallets, thumb drives, flashlights, golf balls and tees, coffee mugs, all-in-one pocket tools, gardening equipment, bungee cords, barbecue accessories, and water bottles are popular man gift purchases for the youngsters.

Moms and grandma gifts range from kitchen utensils, jewelry, soaps, dishes, aprons, candles, and purses to knick-knacks.

Toys and things for the young shoppers to buy for brothers and sisters are also needed. Suggestions include stuffed animals, action figures, dolls, miniature trucks and cars, games, puzzles, and Super Hero items as well as tween and teen gifts and gadgets The value of most donations is between $5 and $15. No clothes, please.

Because volunteers wrapped close to 2,000 gifts last year, contributions of gift tags, ribbon, and holiday gift bags would be much appreciated and will be collected at the same time and place.

Kids Mall will be held upstairs during the annual Community Holiday Bazaar the Saturday before Thanksgiving at the Event Center. Net proceeds from the Kids Mall will go to “Snack Pack,” a local program that distributes food on Friday afternoons to approximately 200 Gold Beach students to carry them through the weekend.

If you have any questions, please contact Sue Peters at 541-247-7910. If you would like to volunteer to work at Kids Mall for a couple of hours please contact Sandy Grummon at 541-247-6356.

Sandy Grummon

Gold Beach