Bring back morality

Anthony Kennedy was a swing vote, who often joined liberal justices. Confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh to replace Kennedy on the Supreme Court will give conservatives a 5-4 majority.

Justice Kennedy believed transcendent morality violated the Establishment Clause. Kavanaugh believes transcendent morality comes from God. Progressives believe man evolved from monkeys. Kavanaugh believes man was created. Progressives believe the universe came from nothing. Kavanaugh believes man fell, but redemption came from Christ’s death.

Kennedy believed same-sex marriage is constitutional. Kavanaugh believes marriage is immoral. Many Democrats believe killing a viable beating heart in the womb is constitutional. Kavanaugh believes it is murder.

Liberals believe evolution is science, and the teaching of creation is a violation of the Establishment Clause. Conservatives believe there are two competing theories about the origin of the universe. Defining science as evolution and prohibiting scientific facts, which support the creation theory, is censorship and a violation of freedom of speech.

Liberal judges believe judges can legislate from the bench. Conservative judges believe in a literal interpretation of the Constitution.

When Democrats failed to discredit Kavanaugh’s legal scholarship, they went to new lows by attacking his character. Accuser Dr. Blasey Ford is co-author of over eight papers produced by pharmaceutical giant Concept Therapeutics to promote abortion pills. A body language expert believes Dr. Ford intentionally lied during the confirmation hearing.

Some opposition to President Trump’s nomination is a cultural war of worldviews, between those who believe in divinely inspired absolutes, and those who believe morality is based on personal choice. This is more than a political battle, this is a spiritual battle, Ephesians 6:12 “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, and against the rulers of darkness.”

Steve Johnston


Start here

My vote for state Senate will be cast for Shannon Souza. Her opponent hasn’t bothered to attend one forum in Curry County. In addition, he’s largely funded by corporations and PACs while Souza is building strong support in the form of small contributions from individuals like me. Which candidate do you think is more likely to work for us and who’ll support corporate interests at our expense? The answer is clear.

Souza is a business owner, engineer, has an extensive community service background (see and she’s ready to work across the aisle. At the forum in Gold Beach on Tuesday, she and David Brock Smith were complimentary towards each other and said they can work together in Salem for the good of Curry County. Smith also has an impressive record of working with Sen. (Jeff) Merkley to resolve our SOD problem. I am one voter who will split my ticket and vote for Smith and Souza. Curry County can be an example of how to work together for the good of all.

Current intractable partisanship may prevent some from voting for a candidate from “the other side” so they shirk their civic duty. Rather than not voting because you think the best candidate is from the other side, why not take the high road and recognize that smart people can compromise and respect sensible opinions regardless of who’s they are. The best choice for all of Curry County is a bipartisan vote for Smith and Souza. Working together, these two will represent Curry County well. It needs to start somewhere. Let’s make it start here.

Susan Shampo


Creating a cesspool

The biographies that the Pilot printed for the Brookings candidates running for public office were helpful but they lacked information about their affiliation with a political party or organization. I found myself reading between the lines to determine if they were liberal, conservative or moderate.

Since Dennis Trigila has been a city councilor he attempted to introduce a resolution of inclusion and diversity, language that he also included in his bio. That is lib code for all are welcome to Brookings, including illegal aliens and the homeless. Trigila stated that he wants to help the homeless and less-fortunate residents of Brookings. Among the homeless are incorrigible transients, some who bring havoc to a community and are wanted by law enforcement. Recently in Harbor, a nice neighborhood on Crestline Loop suffered through months of in your face confrontations, public intoxication, fights, trash piles, vulgar language, rats and blight caused by homeless people who befriended a tenant there.

Coming to Brookings from Portland, Trigila must be aware of the homeless problems there and that the liberal politicians have made things worse. A Pilot article stated that the majority of arrests in Portland last year were homeless people. The president of the Portland Police Officers Association has stated that Portland has become a cesspool.

So, other than monthly joint meetings of the city council to discuss and act on ways to help the homeless, what does Trigila have in mind, tent city?

Although well intended, helping the homeless encourages them to stay. If Trigila is elected, Brookings could become a cesspool, property values would plummet and the load on our local law enforcement and judicial system would be overwhelming.

James Brock


Takes on challenge

I’ve watched Jake Pieper for (four) years as both mayor of Brookings and as a former city council person. He is honest, intuitive, dedicated, and fiercely independent. Like Mayor Ron Hedenskog before him, Pieper is a non-politician. I wish we had more people in public service with their effective abilities.

I have some friends associated with the 97415-Indivisible movement, appreciate all the candidates, and certainly their willingness to be involved. However, some of their members relate to differing opinions out of anger and I’ve experienced that first hand. I must add, it’s not wise in my view for our communities to be politically separated by Zip Code or regions. If that’s the approach to good government, history clearly reminds us that problems are much more difficult to solve.

Pieper will take on that challenge in uniting the people of South County. I believe Curry can ill afford to lose him as that strong leader of our largest city.

Court Boice

Curry County Commissioner