By Gary Blanchard

I take great exception to portions of Public Forum as printed in the Curry Coastal Pilot’s Sept. 26 edition.

Not only did it contain half-truths, a few misstatements and a dubious quotation, but I found references to “socialistic Communism” and a “leftist war” being perpetrated by the Democrats for 55 years to be incendiary and dangerous to American democracy. This is absolutely untrue.

I’ve been a Democrat for most, although not all, of my life, and neither I nor any of my friends have ever once been a part of any conspiracy, controlled by anyone, or even heard of such a conspiracy’s existence. The few successes Democrats have won came about from hard efforts of volunteers like myself, who have participated in phone banks, knocked on doors, walked in peaceful rallies, and donated hard earned dollars for legitimate and heartfelt causes.

I’ve tried my best to: advance social justice, halt racism, fight for “Medicare For All” (no matter what others may have called it), fight to improve necessary environmental regulations, raise the minimum wage, and yes even to help elect President Obama.

These few successes have been hard won because of many others like me, and they didn’t happen because of any vast left-wing conspiracy. I’m impressed that anyone might imagine it could be true, but new flash — we Democrats are far too fractured and undisciplined to ever pull something like that off over the 55 years claimed in that forum.

I welcome legitimate dialogue between the political parties because that’s how democracy works best, but I’ve mostly been met with bigotry (unwilling or unable to listen to another’s point of view), anger, and hatred this past year. Remember when we freely admitted that our nation was a great melting pot with many points of view? That was good.

Does anyone else remember a time when we could dialogue about how to best solve a problem like health care instead of trying to take it away from anyone without a job or the resources to pay for it?

Does anyone still care about solving our exploding deficit instead of gutting valuable programs to benefit questionable partisan projects, or before the current administration passes our trillion-dollar deficit on to someone else? Our exploding deficit will crush this democracy, and bullish economic growth by itself will not save us from ourselves.

This country needs to dialogue across aisles everywhere, and talk of a Democratic war on the right or upon democracy itself is neither true nor helpful.


Gary Blanchard lives in Gold Beach.