Poor track record

In the Pilot’s candidate coverage, I noticed that Ron Hedenskog listed his education as “some.” Hedenskog’s lack of education is clearly demonstrated with his lack of content for answers to the questions from the Pilot. His answers are flippant and nothing but fluff.

Dennis Triglia, his opponent, not only has more than “some” education, his answers were thought out, detailed and provide the voter with valuable information.

The city council is a serious position and we need councilors who treat it that way.

Further, Hedenskog’s track record with the city isn’t really that great. More of the same? I hope not. Brookings deserves serious leaders who understand how to keep Brookings from going the way of the port and the county. Let’s elect serious, qualified candidates, not the good ol’ boys who have left us stuck with a $100 water bill.

Holly Beyer


No thought

Freethought is a philosophical viewpoint which holds that positions regarding truth should be formed on the basis of logic, reason, and empiricism rather than authority, tradition, revelation, or dogma.

There is almost no independent thought or critical thinking anymore not even in academia which was at least once upon a time the last vestige of free thinking until everyone got scared to have a differing opinion and stopped daring to voice their views.

What you’ve got for the most part is a bunch of media monkeys all drinking from the same Kool-Aid trough. A populace of programmed, predictable, inoculated sheep all conveniently going in whatever direction they’re herded and if anyone threatens to make waves or deviate from the herd they’re ostracized and banished for non-conformance to what mob rule has decided is a socially acceptable belief system.

Don’t even think about being different or having a perspective other that which is popular or you’ll find yourself out of society’s orchestra for playing out of tune.

Howard Glasser


Share homes

What about house/apartment sharing? Many families do this, college students, and seniors, All with limited incomes.

At one point I was sharing an apartment with someone I barely knew and another time sharing a house with three other women. Not ideal but you do what you have to do to get by. A room is better than nothing. We made it work.

It sounds like CHC knows enough people in need to match everyone up and make it work. Or maybe look outside the box, outside of Curry County. The last place these people need to be is in this financially strapped community/county.

The bigger cities have more options, more resources. Use your limited resources to help them move (bus tickets) with contacts on the other end to settle them in and make a better life. Or maybe offer them a bus ticket back to family that can help them.

If CHC really does care, get them to places where they have a better chance to survive and build their lives back up again.

S. Osborne


Lacking respect

I attended the recent LWV candidate forum in Brookings and learned a lot. One thing I don’t understand, however, is why (Ron) Hedenskog decided to run against Triglia for seat No. 4, rather than just running for his own seat, No. 3.

It’s perplexing that Hedenskog would feel the need to displace (Dennis) Triglia’s voice, rather than welcoming the differing points of view. Unfortunately, one can see the hand of our mayor, Jake Pieper in all this.

When council seat No. 3 was vacated by (Roger) Thompson, instead of opening the replacement process up and taking applications from interested citizens, Pieper recruited and appointed Hedenskog to the position, in spite of the fact that Teresa Lawson, who serves on the budget committee and is now running for mayor, had expressed interest in the position.

All this manipulation was done behind closed doors, without input from either citizens or fellow council members. Pieper would not even entertain the idea of opening the position to anyone other than Hedenskog. Is the mayor allowed to simply make an appointment without taking applications from interested citizens? Yes. But, I question if that is really good governance.

I would also note the candidate answers that Hedenskog provided to the Pilot on Oct. 3. His answers are the shortest and say nothing. Pieper’s answers are the next shortest out of seven candidates and offer only slightly more respect to the office he is seeking to maintain.

Pieper said the mayor needs to facilitate and solidify the will of the city council. Will of the city council? Shouldn’t it be the will of the citizens?

In both cases, their answers show a lack of respect for the office and the citizens of Brookings. Vote Triglia and Lawson.

Ray Gary