Quiet strength

I’m excited that my long time friend, Jeri Lynn Thompson, is running for Curry County Commissioner.

Thompson is a quiet observer and listener. She files away information and when resources and needs matchup Thompson brings it home. Literally.

Thompson has experience working nationally and locally in government in many different areas including health care, child advocacy, fire prevention and economic development.

She has held a leadership role with the Tolowa Dee-ni’ and has been instrumental in securing resources, particularly in the area of sustainable housing, health care and energy. She works well with others in assessing area needs and has expertise in identifying resources to bring solutions to shared concerns of the community. She is a long term resident with a history of relationship building and solving problems.

Thompson and her family lost buildings on her family ranch during the Chetco Bar Fire and since then she has been involved with advocacy at the state and federal level for fire prevention resources and citizen involvement to advise the U.S. Forest service and to respect the knowledge that our citizens bring to fire prevention.

Thompson’s quiet strength, humility and expertise will be a welcome direction for the Curry County Commission and I encourage you to vote for her.

BR Matteson


No Turmoil

Let’s be clear about the turmoil.

I had been the kitchen manager and cook at the Chetco Activity Center for almost nine years. I had never received any negative comments from the board.

However, in December I was informed by a newly elected board member that I was not necessary at the center anymore. Her husband, the board president, was there and he didn’t have a response. I gave them a couple of weeks to rethink the statement and then gave 30 days notice.

During the last month I was not allowed to help train the kitchen staff as there was too much interference from the president and vice president.

I have been gone for eight months and it is evident to many that I was necessary. I have heard many complaints about the food being served cold, inadequate portions and subpar quality — some overcooked and some undercooked. I have heard from many they will not be going back. Some were past large donors.

My main concern is for the Meals On Wheels recipients as I have been told they are not getting the federal guideline requirements. These people cannot get out to get a proper meal. The center has a contract to provide these meals. They are being sent out with inadequate portions, too much sodium and too many deep fried foods.

As to my disrupting the operations — I went into the kitchen twice after the serving was completed to talk to the new cook, who was my employee before I left. I also spoke to staff while they were outside on their breaks. I never interfered with the kitchen staff.

Eleanor Cook


Unduly critical

I would like to take issue with the article posted on the front page of the Pilot last Wednesday that is about the Senior Center of Brookings. I think it was unduly critical. I have been going to the Senior Center for over a year. How long has your staff been going there? And I have always found the supervisor and other staff there courteous and friendly. The services there are cordial and appreciated by the seniors who attend.

Now, I admit that I did not go to the meeting mentioned in the Pilot but I would think that a free people should feel at liberty to express their opinions in a lively manner when it comes to things they care about. What political parties don’t do the same? It seems to be the American way. Then there was criticism about the way the supervisor dressed. I find that all staff at the Senior Center dress cleanly though casually. I think that some people would like to make the Senior Center their country club with suit and tie. Do they contribute enough to make such demands?

To sum it up, putting last Wednesday’s article about the Senior Center on the front page of the Pilot was a little in excess, to say the least. One would think that the Pilot is having trouble coming up with newsworthy stories.

Philip Norman


Left lacks values

I’m always entertained by the reasoning of some submitting Letters to the Editor. On Sept. 29 we had a writer who made up a term of a disease he calls, “Whataboutism,” which is a way of saying that he doesn’t like the POTUS and mocks those who do. He would be a Never-Trumper I suppose.

This writer goes on to say the “vaccine” for this disease is, “A reasoned, educated mind and willingness to defend the true American values...” Really?

Values from the left? Let’s look at a few.

Boys permitted in the girls bathrooms if they feel like a girl that day; open borders with no vetting of those who enter illegally but their medical care paid for by working Americans; sanctuary cities, which has cost taxpayers millions in taxes and countless victims of crime; more restrictive gun laws, which, of course, only affect the law abiding; decriminalization of major crimes to misdemeanors; and the latest value is the slander of a judge with an unblemished record with absolutely no evidence to support the claims. Guilt by accusation. These are the values the writer says an “...educated mind...” should support. Really?

So what do we have now with Trump in charge? Unemployment down; less people dependant on government welfare thru food stamps; stronger economy; stronger military and the list goes on. Things are going so well Obama has come back into politics to claim he started our boom in economy.

I prefer to judge a person based on what they do, rather than what they say. Obama spoke eloquently (OK, with a teleprompter) but accomplished little of value. Trump speaks like a Longshoreman but gets things done for America.

I’ll just keep my disease.

Mike Wiley


Come and see

I am the treasurer of the Chetco Activity Center. I totally respect everyone’s right to their own opinion about things, which are based on feelings and preferences. But sometimes there are facts, carefully recorded by us accounting types, which are not opinions but carefully recorded data.

These facts include the fact that donations are not down from last year, they are up from last year. The fact is that attendance for meals is not down from last year, it is up. Although meals are the only activity reported to the government on a monthly basis, Time Out is reported quarterly and has tripled this year. All other attendance including exercise, Tai Chi, Yoga, classes and interest groups, social activities in the lounge is reported annually to the IRS. All of these have increased over last year.

I am very happy to show anyone how we track these numbers and why they are facts, not opinions.

As far as atmosphere, I have only one thing to say. Come and see. Join in the pre-meal chit-chat. Listen to tables groups solving world issues or complaining about cell phones. Join a class. Work puzzles, share projects, or just quietly read or use the internet. Don’t listen to anyone else’s opinion including mine. Just come and see.

Glenda Groff

Board of Directors Treasurer

Chetco Activity Center

Not a good place

Nice to read about the troubles at the Chetco Activity Center.

I am a back-up cook. I volunteered in the kitchen with both lead cooks, also did some cleaning, and my number was given for on-call, if needed and have not been called. I also put in an application for cook and dishwasher and was never called or interviewed.

I was told I really could not be a dining room volunteer because I needed to be on-call for the kitchen. And yet, Thayne Groff in his baggy sweats and dirty feather hat, served more than once, and Carol Owens, the president, served food when she was sick or in severe pain.

I was a willing volunteer, five minutes away and was never called. Even when the cook was sick I was never called.

Why volunteer if they do the job?

When I read the menu in the Pilot — if it weren’t for the salad, the starchy food is all I see.


Barbara Ann Cobb


No RVs

Please tell me that I’m not the only one who is sick and tired of people living in their RV’s anywhere they want. Our Public Library has turn into a place I do not want my grandson to visit because there are unknown subjects living there.

Nearly everywhere you go anymore in our area there is someone living on the side of the road or in a parking lot and they need to go.

I’m not heartless and I’m all for helping people, especially people from our community who find themselves fallen on hard times through no fault of their own like a fire, illness or loss of job. That’s what a good community does. But allowing anyone to come here and set up camp where our children and grandchildren frequent is just plain stupid.

Do we know what kind of people these are? Are the pedophiles? Are the drug addicts? Thieves?

We have been told that nothing can be done to stop this because they are on public property. Well that’s wrong, we as a community can do something. We can protest this by making these places not such a great place to set up camp. We also have the right to be there. We have the right to blow our horns anytime we come upon this.

We can assemble and have protest around these that have taken over our community. Lets ban together and take our home back.

Harold Bailey