Strong manager

The Democrats are so taken aback and fearful of Trump’s successes they are desperate to fabricate any story they believe can minimize and destroy him and his administration.

The Russia, Russia, Russia story has imploded. Mueller has spent millions of our taxpayer dollars and found nothing linking Trump to any Russian Collusion and the left are very nervous. As a matter of fact, the Democrats have several examples of Russian collusion with Hillary’s Uranium One payoffs, Obama’s “I’ll have more flexibility after the election Vladimir” and Hillary’s/DNC funding of the discredited Steele Dossier that was the basis for the phony investigation in the first place. If Mueller doesn’t identify the linkage he will be proven to be nothing more than a paid political tool.

So, the left must create another outrage, Trump’s unhinged. I wouldn’t put is past the NYT Editorial Board to have taken part in the garbage Op-Ed themselves. During my 20 years in business my company experienced many difficult times. My management team had many volatile staff meetings in order to guarantee our future. Did some of our staff/employees display angst, concern and fear, you better believe it. But leadership is paramount, and we led. Trump is a businessman, short on tenderness but long on accomplishments, I’m in.

Obama’s return to the stage just reconfirms the correctness of the American people to abandon a weak, apologetic and the socialistic path for a strong, pro-capitalism and pro-American future.

It’s time to ignore and mock the left’s fabricated outrage. Trump’s strong management style is working so rejoice and support him and his agenda by electing more supporters.

Dee Tyson


Deserves kudos

A big thank you to the Pilot and Boyd Allen for the great article and pictures on the problem of squatters and campers on the county roads Sept. 1. It made the county commissioners sit up and take notice.

Many atta-boys to the unknown person or person who has gone around and cleaned up the places the squatters left big messes at. Everyone on the South Bank appreciates your efforts. Acts like this deserve acknowledgement. Who are you?

John Yost


Represents people

We are living in a time of division within our communities and our country. It has become critical that we vote for representatives who have the intelligence to understand the complex issues that affect us on a daily basis and in the future.

It requires flexibility in order to adjust to the new information that is constantly changing and a willingness to re-evaluate previous approaches that may no longer be effective. Also it requires the creativity to broach new ideas, and the emotional stability to remain objective, respectful and to be able to function as a group member as well as an independent thinker.

Dennis Triglia has these qualities, and he has proven to be that person over the past three years in his position on Brooking’s City Council.

I have attended many Brookings City Council meetings over the past three years and I have observed his respectful attitude, well researched and thoughtful discussions and decisions. Triglia is able to listen to various viewpoints and still keep his eye on what is best for the community’s present day needs and the future consequences of those decisions.

Triglia listens to the people in our community, demonstrates an open mind and has displayed his devotion and commitment to our community by actively volunteering in many different organizations over the years. He has made a large impact on the school children’s education and awareness when he developed the Monarch City USA in Brookings and for our elementary school.

Triglia has a master’s degree and he has worked for years as a research scientist, therefore, he is well trained in researching information and objectively finding the best solution to the problem. We need representatives who can intelligently help solve our many complex problems. Triglia has proven to be that person. We need him to remain on his current seat in the council.

The future of our community is now our responsibility with our vote. It is time to look carefully at each candidate and decide which one will best represent the future of Brookings, not just today but the Brookings we can be proud of in the future.

Marsha Thibodeaux


Thanks for support

As many know, a GoFundMe account was started in August to help my son Michael Massey raise money for a life-saving kidney transplant.

Almost $14,000 was raised by our community of approximately 9,000 people to save his life. Michael and I and our family want to sincerely express our heartfelt gratitude.

Thank you so much to The Curry Coastal Pilot staff, Editor Robin Fornoff and especially Reporter Jane Stebbins for all their assistance. So many people learned about Mike’s desperate need because of Stebbins’ excellent reporting and articles. Her caring professionalism is extremely appreciated. We hope she’ll be able to follow his

progress as he receives his transplant and recovers his health.

Thank you, too, to the administrators and members of all of our local social media sites working hard every day to share information to benefit our community. Your support was also so very, very helpful.

But most of all, thank you to all the compassionate people who shared his story with their neighbors and friends and donated so generously to help him live. Each and every

donation and personal message were a gift of hope and encouragement to Mike.

Thank you, last of all, to the extraordinarily generous benefactor who carried Mike across the finish line. We sincerely hope she feels all of our love and gratitude for her amazing gift.

For Mike, this is a beginning of a long journey toward regaining his health. A beginning that wouldn’t have happened without everyone joining hands to save his life. We will never forget the kindness all of you have shown to us.

Words cannot express our gratitude for all the compassionate and caring hearts here in this great community. Thank you, everyone, from the bottom of ours.

Laurie Evans and Michael Massey


Giving community

It amazes me how giving our community is and can be. This year “Attire to Inspire” was a huge success.

For the last seven years CASA of Curry County, Rogue Credit Union and Curry County residents (Brookings, Gold Beach and Port Orford) have partnered to provide brand-new school clothing for every foster child, ages ranging 5-18, attending school. Like the giving tree at Christmas time, four wooden school lockers were dispersed in Rogue Credit Unions throughout the county with 60 tags hanging in them identifying the children’s sizes, favorite colors and any special requests.

I am excited to say that every one of those tags was filled. “It takes a village to raise a child” is so true and I am glad to say that I live in such a village.

I want to continue to thank Rogue Credit Union and the Curry County residents for being a huge supporter of CASA of Curry County. If you are interested in volunteering, or if unable to volunteer but can offer support in a monetary sense, CASA needs and appreciates both.

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) volunteers are trained to discover what is in the best interest of the foster child and to diligently pursue positive outcomes until each child is placed in a safe, permanent home.

For more information about CASA come see me at Bell and Whistle for “Coffee with CASA” on Sept. 24 from 10 a.m.-11 a.m. or call 541-698-8086.

Mona Chandler, program manager

CASA of Curry County

Healthcare summit

The VA Healthcare Summit 2.0 is not a VA sponsored event. In a reply to my questions about this event, Roseburg VA Director David Whitmer assured me the VA is not a sponsor nor endorsing the ads in the newspaper and that no federal funds were used for this purpose.

The V.A. or VA Healthcare Summit or Veterans Health Summit or Summit 2.0 (all have appeared in print in the Pilot) is being privately funded.

There is some confusion with regard to who is actually hosting this summit. The Wild Rivers Veterans Forum was initially co-hosting this event with SWOCC. After it was discovered that Wild Rivers Veterans Forum was purporting to be a nonprofit organization on Facebook and was not, the Associate Vietnan (not my typo) Veterans of America Chapter 757 announced on its new Facebook page that it was a new nonprofit and it was hosting the event with SWOCC. This was also not true.

The real Chapter 757 Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) posted an “AVVA Fraud Alert “ on its Facebook page VVA 757 The FRONT.

Mike Berns