Getting crumbs

In honor of Labor Day, I would like to first express my gratitude for the county employees and commissioners coming to an agreement and avoiding a strike. I think if you followed the local news coverage, it is quite clear these jobs are valuable to the county running smoothly. Income inequality is a problem in this country and therefore, to raise the wages of working families to improve their ability to live here is meaningful.

As citizens of Curry County, we all benefit from the work of local government. That said, seems to me we are all responsible in making sure there is revenue to cover the work. I make no claim to understand the minutia of the county budget, however, the fact that our county property tax is the third lowest in the state (2017 Curry County was $7.35/1,000, highest was Wheeler county with $13.03/1,000) has to significantly affect the general fund and makes all of us complicit in budget negotiations.

Seems like worker bees are always last on the list to get budget crumbs. In honor of Labor Day, I would sure like to see them get a whole slice of pie instead. Let’s pass a modest property tax increase and maybe we can provide adequate living wages without the worker bees having to ask for what is rightfully theirs.

Karol Simas

Gold Beach

A new fan

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for printing the Public Forum submission by Mike Gaynes, Sept. 8. I was also sickened by the letters those two apparently married individuals submitted. Sickened and disgusted. It is hard for me to understand there are people who believe that way. I don’t know Gaynes but if you see him tell him he has won a new fan.

Berma Matteson


Right answer

At the discussion at the meeting in the library about the problems with the homeless it was mentioned that if we do not feed them they will go away. Dan Sherman’s answer to that in the Saturday paper was right on.

What most people do not realize is that the community kitchens do not just provide meals for the homeless, they also serve a lot of low income seniors and families. For a lot of people this is the only substantial meal they have each day.

Brookings does have a low income housing problem and hopefully it will be resolved in the near future but in the meantime, let’s keep doing all we can to help those less fortunate to not go hungry

Doris Westoby