Make it sting

I fail to see any reason the commissioner’s office does not invoice the USFS for mileage and time for the hours spent keeping abreast of the Klondike fire (Chetco Bar as well). After all, the USFS, through the “never cut a tree” and make much carbon emissions movement has removed the chance for Curry County to ever receive many timber harvest receipts. Raise the rent at the fairgrounds enough to make it sting. Make it expensive for them to let Curry County burn.

During a trip to Snow Camp Lookout weekend before last, it appears they are not adhering to the Oregon Forest Practices Act — not much has been re-planted — maybe they are above Oregon law. They better start growing seedlings if their forest management policies remain unchanged from the National Park everywhere model.

Pete Buffington

Scotts Mills

We the people vote

Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley’s recent editorial said Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh causes fear. Trump named candidates before he ran. The people spoke.

Neil Gorsuch’s seat was not stolen. Garland’s nomination was by a lame-duck president. Republicans had no requirement to seat Garland.

Kennedy became a justice because Democrats opposed Bork. Lower courts do not indict sitting presidents. The procedure is for the House to vote for impeachment. The Senate holds a trial. If three quarters of the senate vote for conviction, the president is removed from office. He can then be tried in a criminal court.

Democrats oppose Kavanaugh and want to go through his record of service during the Bush administration. This info will be provided. Judicial hearings will be in September. Kavanaugh will be approved by October.

Jeff Merkley knows Republicans have the votes. He is grandstanding to gin up support from his base.

Merkley said Kavanaugh is extreme. Kavanaugh is a God fearing federal judge who serves homeless people soup. Merkley’s voting record is to the left of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Merkley said Kavanaugh’s record is anti-consumer and anti-equality. No one is more anti-consumer than a socialist. Merkley wants single-payer socialized medicine. A Republican Congress passed the 14th Amendment to give equality and due process to African Americans. Republicans fought for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Sixty percent of Democrats opposed it.

Under equal protection everyone is to be treated equally under law, however, all behavior is not treated equally. Immoral acts of incest and polygamy are prohibited. Abortion and sodomy were prohibited. Recently progressive justices ruled these crimes protected civil rights.

Some opposition to Trump is a cultural war. Anthony Kennedy believed transcendent morals violated the establishment clause. Ginsburg and Breyer are expected to retire during Trump’s second term. We the people will vote.

Steve Johnston Brookings

Money is power

It was refreshing to again see a letter of statistics by Tracy Rupp. Knowing where money goes is power.

Not just taxes, but the whole GNP and GDP, is flowing towards power, and away from workers. From the middle class down, our influence is shrinking, along with our money. Mandatory quarterly reports about the flow might indicate where our unhealthy economy is going, and maybe we can get it flowing back in the direction of workers, which capitalism calls consumers.

Kathryn Justman


New low

What has happened to the Pilot? Your standards for Letters to the Editor hit a new low in the Sept. 1 edition. (One writer) felt the need to give us a history lesson on Stalin and Trotsky and then insisted the Democratic Party intends to murder millions of Americans when they impose a communist dictator. This is obviously not true. Does (the writer) forget that about half this country identify as Democrats, including many of his neighbors and other members of this community? Does he really believe that is their wish? Since when does the Pilot choose to print out-and-out lies?

And if that wasn’t bad enough, you allowed (one writer) to go on a racist rant with a letter that can only be described as hate speech. You cannot lump all people of any one race or religion together and pretend they are all the same, or that somehow their race makes them inherently evil. He states that Muslims are unskilled, on welfare, and are reluctant to assimilate into American society. He calls them rapists, pirates, and extortionists. I wonder how many Muslims he has actually met. One of the founding principles of this great nation is the freedom to practice your religion without being persecuted or discriminated against. To promote anything less is un-American.

I find it highly disappointing that the Pilot chooses to run these letters.

Civility is a wonderful thing. It allows us to speak to each other and trade ideas while being respectful and decent to each other as human beings. Telling the truth allows us to make objective decisions about what we believe. Is it too much to ask the local paper to require these ideals in the things they print?

Jean Phillips